“Ctrip technology 2020 collection”, for you who love to learn!


I collated Java advanced materials for free, including Java, redis, mongodb, mysql, zookeeper, spring cloud, Dubbo high concurrency distributed and other tutorials, a total of 30g, which needs to be collected by myself.

In 2019, Ctrip technology collection will meet you.

Ctrip summed up the successful experience of the past year and shared them, hoping to help you avoid some detours.

The articles in the collection come from the front-line engineers of each department of Ctrip technology, including infrastructure department, business department, artificial intelligence and big data After 20 years of development, Ctrip’s business has spread all over the world. How does it system support the low-cost and efficient expansion of business can be seen in these articles.

In 2019, Ctrip’s internationalization strategy is advancing rapidly. We have carried out multilingual transformation of the system to make the product experience more in line with the use habits of local people, without introducing too many code branches.

Suppliers and customers are all over the world, and the situation is becoming increasingly complex. How to continuously improve service efficiency through technical means and provide customers with high-quality services can be seen in the book in-depth combination of big data and artificial intelligence technology and business scenarios.

For the Internet enterprises founded before 2010, most of them use self built data centers. When the public cloud develops rapidly, it is a question to be considered whether to choose to continue to develop on the private cloud or to completely transform and use the public cloud.

The rapid development of cloud computing provides enterprises with flexible resource use, efficient online deployment, close access to multiple data centers, and transparent it costs. We adopt the “hybrid cloud” scheme of public cloud + private cloud to achieve the balance between user experience and cost. In the book, we can see our experience and lessons in the process of opening up public and private cloud, and cloud Nativization of system architecture.

In the new year, we hope to work hand in hand with our peers, open and share, and go all the way in the pursuit of technological excellence!

——Ma Chao, vice president of Ctrip Technology

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