CSAPP English Learning Series: Preface


Reading CSAPP is based onPDF, read and record new English words.

Chapter 1: A Tour of Computer Systems.
Chapter 2: Representing and Manipulating Information.
Chapter 3: Machine-Level Representation of Programs.
Chapter 4: Processor Architecture.
Chapter 5: Optimizing Program Performance.
Chapter 6: The Memory Hierarchy.
Chapter 7: Linking.
Chapter 8: Exceptional Control Flow.
Chapter 9: Virtual Memory.
Chapter 10: System-Level I/O.
Chapter 11: Network Programming.
Chapter 12: Concurrent Programming.

Beauty[ ˌ repr ɪˈ zent]
v. Representatives; symbolize; Safeguard the interests of; amount to; Depiction; Formally proposed

Beauty [M] əˈ n ɪ pjule ɪ t]
Vt. operation and handling; Skillfully control; Manipulation; Massage, adjustment

Beauty[ ˈ pr ɑː ses ə r]
n. Central processing unit (of a computer); Processing machine (or worker)

Beauty[ ˈɑː rk ɪ tekt ʃə r]
n. Architecture; Structure; framework

Beauty[ ˈ ha ɪə r ɑː rki]
n. [plan] stratification; ranking system; Ruling group; The rank or rank of an angel

Beauty [k] ə n ˈ k ɜː r ə nt]
Adj. Simultaneous

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