Cross NFT blind box went online at 10:00 on February 26, with a maximum reward of 0.5 BTCs


Cross NFT blind box went online at 10:00 on February 26, with a maximum reward of 0.5 BTCs
Cross NFT blind box went online at 10:00 on February 26, with a maximum reward of 0.5 BTCs

Built with the support of cybervein foundation, cross is the first decentralized NFT issuance & auction platform in the world. It is also the issuance and trading platform with the most abundant types of NFT. It integrates the most comprehensive NFT market. NFTs include encrypted works of art, data pass, AI training model and data financial derivatives. So far, cross has nearly 250000 user addresses. Cross is also committed to the development of enterprise side, digital art zoning, blind box games and other functions. The latest online function is Mystery Box blind box games.

Introduction to blind box game:

Cross blind box game plans to hold an auction every two weeks. A batch of NFT works will be launched in each issue. Each NFT has a built-in blind box, of which only one blind box has a grand prize. The blind box can only be opened by players who have won the NFT.

The game adopts Vickery auction (i.e. blind auction). All bidders submit sealed bids at the same time, so no one knows other people’s bids. The highest bidder will obtain NFT and blind box at their price.

Blind box game time:

Phase I: 10:00, February 26 – 10:00, February 27

Reward acquisition time:

HT equivalent to 0.5 BTCs will arrive in real time

Starting price of blind box:

The first auction price of the joint NFT is 0.5 HT, and the player’s bid must be higher than 0.5 HT. The player needs to ensure that there are enough HT in the auction address to participate in the auction; The price and duration of the second remake are customized by the winner.

Blind box joint cooperation:

There are 8 NFT works in the first two phases of the blind box, 4 NFTs in each phase, which are originally designed by teacher Chi Lei in combination with the elements of the joint brand and the Chinese year of the ox & bull market. Brand partners in phase I are as follows: ① huocoin ecological chain heco, ② poloniex exchange, ③ MXC exchange, ④ picture network platform.

Blind box game entrance:

Online at the entrance: at 17:00 on February 25, the Cross official website (cycross. IO) launched the mystery box section,

1. Web version login: enter the “for individual” personal terminal, and there will be an option of “mystity box” blind box game on the left side of the interface. After jumping to the page, click “join” to enter the NFT blind box auction page.

2. Mobile version login: enter the “for individual” personal terminal, click the “my box” blind box on the navigation bar (two bars) in the upper left corner of the interface to jump to the NFT blind box auction page.

Official opening: at 10:00 on February 26, cross will simultaneously launch the auction of four NFT works with an initial auction time of 4 hours. At that time, users can click any joint NFT works to enter the auction page and directly make blind auction and bid.

Blind box game rules:

① Participate in the auction: the first round of NFT auction will be held from 10:00 to 14:00 on February 26. An address can bid for one NFT multiple times, or bid for four NFT works separately;

② Successful auction: at 14:00, the four addresses of the first batch of successful bidders will be displayed. The successful bidders can freely choose whether to open the built-in blind box of NFT. If they do not open the blind box, they can choose to reduce the risk of failure to win the prize and make a second auction to earn the difference;

③ Second remake: the winner who selects the second remake can customize the remake amount and time, but the smart contract will automatically open the unopened blind box at 10:00 on February 27. Therefore, the official suggests that the ending time of the second remake should be set before the official end of the activity;

For example, if the activity ends at 10:00 and you launch an auction with a bidding time of 10 hours at 09:30, at 10:00, the smart contract will automatically open the built-in blind box of NFT initiated by you and announce whether you win the prize, but it will not affect the normal progress of the auction.

④ Re auction: if an NFT winner chooses to re auction the NFT, other players can bid again for the chance of winning the NFT and the blind box; The winner of the second remake can also remake the captured NFT again;

⑤ Open the blind box: open the blind box and win the prize, the game will end in advance, and the smart contract will immediately announce the winning address; If there is no winning, the winning probability of the other three works will increase, and the value of the three NFT works will become higher and higher;

⑥ Do not turn the racket and do not open the blind box: the NFT blind box will be stored in the address until 10:00 on February 27;

⑦ End of the game: users who win the NFT but fail to win the blind box can still transfer the NFT. Other players can still bid their favorite NFT works, but the works do not contain the blind box.

What are the advantages of cross blind box compared with competitive products?

① Lower threshold: blind auction is adopted to lower the threshold of participation, and the bid of all users is only higher than the starting price;

② Greater reward: each reward is no less than 0.5 BTC prize, and the reward arrives in real time at the moment of opening the blind box;

③ Lower risk: players who shoot NFT works and blind boxes can choose to transfer NFT blind boxes within the specified time to earn the price difference and reduce the risk;

④ Higher value: the co branded NFT works originally launched by Chi Lei, a well-known designer with millions of fans, in cooperation with well-known projects in the coin circle, exchanges and media, have millions to tens of millions of fans, and the IP attribute and scarcity of the works are higher.

Cross official website:…

If you still have questions or want to know about this event, you can add the wechat (wechat: cyberveinvt) of little sister CV, the official operation number in China, to learn more. Meanwhile, we will also issue more detailed picture box lessons in February 26th. Please let users pay attention to the CyberVein official account and other media in time to get the latest news.