Cross China year activity – “year of the ox NFT” creation competition


Cross China year activity -
Cross China year activity -

Today, officially entering the Chinese year of the ox, cross hereby launched an NFT creation selection competition with the theme of combining the ox element of the Chinese Zodiac with the bull market, so that users can create relevant NFTs and promote more users to cross to realize the value of original encrypted works of art.

Activity time
00:00, February 12, 2021 – 23:59, February 18, 2021 (UTC + 8)

Activity rules

  • It should include the elements of the new year of the ox or the bull market in the coin circle, with prominent theme, rich content and positive painting style;
  • Painting style is not limited, but realistic, abstract, etc;
  • The upload time of works participating in the activity is within the activity time;
  • The selection criteria include but are not limited to the above criteria, and the cross platform has the final right to interpret this activity.

Activity reward
First prize: 10ht (one)
Second prize: 8ht (one)
Third prize: 5HT (one)

Award time
Seven days after the event, the winning works will be selected by the cross platform, which will be announced on the official Telegraph and official twitter. The awards will be airdropped into the wallet address of the winning works uploaded.

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