Cross added 40000 addresses within 2 days, and the number of NFT users reached 50000+


Cross added 40000 addresses within 2 days, and the number of NFT users reached 50000+
Cross added 40000 addresses within 2 days, and the number of NFT users reached 50000+

Cross latest news

According to the tracking statistics of hecoscan data, as of 15:00 on February 4, the number of wallet addresses accessed by cross, the decentralized NFT issuance and auction platform, which has been on the fire coin ecological chain heco for three weeks, has exceeded 50000. Since the launch of cross DAPP mobile version, the user growth rate has reached 400% within 24 hours, ranking in the forefront of the current mainstream NFT platforms.

Cross v1.0 has web and mobile terminals. The languages include English, Chinese and Korean. At the same time, it also supports the adaptation of Huobi wallet and bitkeep wallet to cross DAPP, providing users with more diversified options to publish and auction NFT. With the popularity of NBA topshot’s basketball NFT game, the cross team is planning to release the hero League version of the digital collection NFT to provide more diversified NFT collections for users around the world. The first partner of the goal is faker, an E-sports superstar who has won many world championships.

Users can log in to heco of huocoin ecological chain to track the real-time progress of cross…

Cross official website:
Cross microblog: cycross
Cross category: encrypted artwork, digital financial derivatives, training model, digital pass
Cross Version: personal end and enterprise end
Cross protocol: erc-721, erc-1155
Wallet for cross DAPP: Huobi wallet, bitkeep

Defi + NFT rookie: Cross

Cross is the first decentralized NFT issuance & auction platform in the world. It is also the most abundant issuance and trading platform of NFT. It supports erc-721 and erc-1155 asset agreements. At present, it has landed in heco, the fire coin ecological chain.

NFT is essentially a model of digital assets, which can enable countless digital assets to be applied and confirmed (encryption art, digital photography, digital music, video and film based on digital production, etc.). At present, the NFT projects on the market are to C business, and cross also extends to B business, which is the first in the industry, fills and develops the enterprise market, and accelerates the popularity of the implementation of “defi + NFT”.

The cross version is divided into individual users (end c) and enterprise users (end b)

Individual users: monetize the value generated by individuals, including works of art, data, etc. In cross, influential artists, athletes and experts are not necessarily the ones who publish NFT. Anyone can publish their satisfied original works to distribute NFT. Especially in the value and application of rare collections, it can promote the development of digital patent and copyright registration, which has good practical significance.

Enterprise users: there are many in-depth learning and related models for the data processed and analyzed on Dave. As a member of Dave alliance, b-end users can participate in the issuance of training models (such as data NFT) and data financial derivatives (such as insurance NFT). All members are responsible for the authenticity of data and trading behavior on the chain, Only qualified members can participate in NFT issuance and auction. For example, cross gives scarce NFT value to those digital assets that can be easily copied. Previously, it has launched cat catastrophe insurance bond NFT with AIA of Hong Kong, forming the first NFT insurance policy in the industry, and taking the lead in the issuance and trading of data NFT in the field of financial technology.

Cross has developed three functions: NFT distribution, NFT auction and blind box game

NFT distribution: you can directly upload your own works on the page of creating NFT. If you want each NFT to be unique, please select “single”. If you want each NFT to be owned by different collectors, please select “multiple”. At present, uploading JPG, PNG, GIF, webp, MP4 or mp3 formats is supported. The NFT issued by the b-end user will be supported by the real data provided by the pisr database obtained by chainlink, and the Dave alliance will provide various support for the Dave collection; In addition to using the cross smart contract with very low handling fee, C-end users can also create their own custom smart contract to realize one click NFT distribution.

NFT auction: when users click the favorite NFT works, the box to participate in the auction will appear. Enter the price higher than the auction price and click to bid (the bidding unit is HT). Users need to pay attention to the closing time and check whether they have won the auction in time. If the bidding fails, click the NFT to retrieve the previous bid; If the auction is successful, click retrieve, and the NFT will appear in the collection of the personal center. The photographed users can resell the NFT again. Using BDN technology and layer-0 solution to optimize network transmission and partition block size, the decentralized auction experience is greatly optimized.

Blind box games: NFT works have high playability and rich rewards. In the first phase, there were 4 sets of NFT paintings in China provided by teacher Chi Lei. Each set of works was equipped with a blind box, but only one blind box contained CVT bonus worth 0.5 BTC equivalent. Within the specified time, after winning NFT works, the users can choose the second auction or open the blind box to see whether they win the prize.

Cross decentralized auction mode is realized by smart contract and supports Vickery auction, English auction and Dutch auction

English auction: also known as price increase auction. Before the auction, the seller can set a reservation price and a limited time. The buyer’s bid must be higher than the reservation price. When the auction deadline is reached, the highest bidder becomes the winner of the bid. It is often used to maximize the value of items whose value is not easy to be determined.

Dutch auction: also known as price reduction auction, it refers to an auction in which the bid price of the auction object decreases from high to low until the first bidder strikes the hammer when the bid (reaches or exceeds the reserve price). The transaction process is particularly rapid.

Vickery auction: referred to as the second price auction, which can also be called blind auction. The only difference is that the price to be paid by the winner is the second highest quotation, not the buyer’s own quotation. It can maximize the reasonable internal value of the auction.

Why participate in cross?

Higher asset turnover and value: NFT is powerful because anyone can issue, own and trade them. Therefore, the interaction efficiency between users and NFT is significantly higher than that of other traditional platforms. Just as the payment efficiency of cryptocurrency is higher than that of traditional payment, the borderless transaction and convenient transfer make the circulation efficiency of NFT higher than that of traditional ways. Because of the stronger circulation, digital art can easily verify its ownership (circulation) history, and some digital items may be more valuable because someone once held them. Value realization is also more convenient.

Unlock more application scenarios: NFT makes it easier to realize partial ownership. For example, it is difficult for individuals to buy a very expensive item, but at least part of the ownership can be bought. Although the physical object still needs to be kept by a reliable person or institution, it can be issued, held and traded in the form of encrypted assets, which can unlock more application scenarios. It is only a matter of time before NFT becomes as popular as the leading cryptocurrency.

Asset ownership on the chain: all digital assets are open and transparent, and the assets are completely owned by the user. With the development of NFT, game ecology, encryption art market and NFT financial derivatives voucher on the chain, the underlying technology is continuously improved, the circulation mode is convenient, the ownership is personalized, the issuance is open and transparent, and the development of community, all of which will change the mode of NFT industry.

Social trend: some people will question that digital works of art are not scarce because they can be easily copied in large quantities by screenshots or copies. However, there are similar problems in real objects. Anyone can take photos of the Mona Lisa or make copies of it, but these are not the real works of artists. Someone is always willing to pay a premium for the original works.

Centralized platforms have dominated for so long that many people forget that there are better ways to build Internet services, and the development of decentralized networks can provide a powerful way to provide a fair competitive environment for third-party developers, creators and enterprises. With the increasing number of Digital Native items in the world, NFT is also expected to provide solutions to intellectual property and ownership problems. With the launch of cross, it is certain that from 2021, more NFTs can realize its value on cross, and more people will really understand the significance of decentralized platform.

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