Create your own nuget


Powerful function, learn to create your own nuget

In the project, DLL files written by others are used, and the official nuget is quoted

Here you will learn to build your own nuget, use your own nuget, you can store your own DLL, where to use it


Step 1: create your own empty web project, as shown in the following figure:

Only these files will be created after successful creation

Step 2: install the following nuget package nuget.server

Since the installation was successful

Step 4: delete Web.config redundant

Then ctry + F5 starts the project

Step 5: publish this project to the server

In this step, I will not explain the basic skills of the project. The following are the files that have been successfully published and copied to the server

After the successful deployment of the project, there are no restrictions on the access to the local port


Step 6: create a class library locally

The corresponding login method is written


Then build the project


Step 7: Downloadnuget.exefile

Download address

takenuget.exeCopy the file into the project file

Run CMD in this directory

Run commandnuget pack -version 1.1.0


-Version 1.1.0 can be the specified version and can not be written


A file is then generated

Copy it to thePackagesIn the folder

Copy it into a folder


Step 8:

Then create a console program randomly and follow the figure:


Here is the input of your own nuget website just created


Choose your own nameNuget source

Then install


Writing code

This is from metadata

Here, we succeed with a simple nuget. In the above steps, we build nuget, publish our own DLL, and call our own DLL,

The process of intermediate release and project deployment is omitted. If you don’t understand it, you can comment on it. Thank you for watching