CPU information acquisition tool wgcloud, V3.0 bug repair


Wgcloud based on Java language is a monitoring system built by springboot, which supports high concurrency and high performance. The core modules include: server cluster monitoring, ES cluster status monitoring, CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, data monitoring, docker monitoring, network traffic monitoring, service heartbeat detection, application process management, disk IO monitoring, system load monitoring, monitoring alarm information push.

This update:

  1. Fixed inaccurate display of docker chart.
  2. Fix test mail sending errors.
  3. For the above bugs, on the basis of installing V3.0, you only need to download the installation package again, and then only replace / server / wgcloud server- release.jar That’s fine.

Code cloud source code download: https://gitee.com/wanghouhou/wgcloud

GitHub source code download: https://github.com/tianshiyeben/wgcloud

Download the installation package: http://www.wgstart.com

CPU information acquisition tool wgcloud, V3.0 bug repair

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