Copying Files Over 4GB Size Requirements: Non-destructive Transfer NTFS Format Text and Graphics Tutorial


Users who often use mobile storage devices such as USB disk will often find such problems.When copying files larger than 4 GB in size, mobile devices display prompts such as “too large for target file system files”, which results in a copy failure.

For this reason, the author does not need to explain too much, you should also be very clear, that is, FAT format and NTFS format support different file sizes.

Generally speaking, in this case, we will take the following two measures: one is to change the NTFS format of the disc and copy it again; the other is to backup the internal data of the disc, and then format it into format. However, whether the first or the second way is more or less complicated. Is there any way to convert formats without changing the USB disk and formatting to achieve large file copies? Naturally, the answer is yes. Let’s look at it together.

Security check

First of all, we need to insert the mobile devices like USB and other devices into the computer, and make clear the letter of the mobile devices in the computer, so as to avoid any accidents in subsequent operations, and to conduct a check and scan of the equipment such as USB. The specific operation process is to open the attribute bar of UHD, click on the tool, and then select the check to repair the UHD equipment.

Looking for command indicators

Type convert: / fs: NTFS

Secondly, open the command indicator window, run the search CDM under win7, and open Xiaona search under win10.“Command promptAnd under the command indicator, type “convert: fs: ntfs”, because the writer’s disk character is F, so type “convert F:/fs: ntfs”.

Conversion can be achieved in a few moments

Finally, only need to wait patiently, can realize the conversion of FAT format and NTFS format without formatting, and then realize the random copy of large files.

Above is the NTFS format graphics and text tutorial, which copies more than 4GB size files without losing. How about, have you learned it? I hope this article can help you all!