Coordinates: Caohejing, Xuhui, Shanghai (next to line 9), recruitment front-end / Java / test, 3D printing, intelligent manufacturing direction, eliminate 996


Industry: liantai Technology (B + round), 3D printing / small batch manufacturing / intelligent manufacturing / industrial interconnection

Location: Caohejing New Industrial Park, Xuhui District, Shanghai, near Caohe development subway station of line 9, next to Tencent building

Business direction: Online manufacturing platform for customers at home and abroad, digital chemical plant cloud solution, capacity collaboration and supply chain management, intelligent manufacturing data analysis and scheduling algorithm

Technical direction: Micro service cloud native (Java / go + Spring + k8s + dapr + serverless + globally deployed distributed system), micro front end (react + TS + Qiankun), industrial IOT cloud platform (edge computing, distributed image / graphics processing, industrial data analysis), intelligent manufacturing assistance (APS, automatic quotation, production feasibility analysis, live broadcast and anomaly detection), web-based online model processing (tree. JS + wasm) Cross end development (PC, app, applet, electron)

Demand personnel: middle and high-level front-end, service and test developers, salary range: 15 ~ 30K / month + quarterly / year-end performance

Contact email: [email protected] /158518077 team technology blog:

Bonus: MacBook Pro + GitHub workflow, embracing open source, supporting technology development, eliminating 996 and not 361. Long term delivery of high-quality employees for large factories.