Convert pictures to ICO format


Reasons for demand:

Today, I want to add an icon to the left of the page title. The effect picture is as follows:

But forget how to use it?

Demand objectives:

Add an icon to the title bar of an HTML page

Specific practice:

1. Right click – select opening method – select drawing tool, and the effect diagram is as follows:

2. At the top left of the drawing tool, click file option – select Save as, and the effect drawing is as follows:
3. Select the suffix. BMP, and the effect diagram is as follows:

4. Generate a. BMP file. The effect diagram is as follows:

5. Select the. BMP file, right-click and select Rename

6. Change the suffix BMP to the suffix ICO. If a pop-up box appears, click OK

7. Effect drawing generated after successful modification

8. Put the generated ICO into the HTML code. The syntax format of the code is as follows:

9. The renderings before and after generation are as follows:


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