Continuously update the free API and be an API Porter


In order to facilitate the vast number of developers, I hereby count many free APIs on the Internet, collect free interface services for you, do a porter of the api, and update the new interface regularly every month in the future. Some interfaces come from third parties and can be registered with third parties to become members of them, using part of their interfaces free of charge.

Baidu AccessTokenFor HTTP API callers, Baidu AIP opens — interface address
speech recognitionThrough scene recognition optimization, for on-board navigation, smart home and — interface addresses ___________.
speech synthesisConverting user’s input text into smooth and natural voice transmission — interface address
Taxi Ticket Recognition (Callable Online)For taxi tickets (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen are now supported)… – interface address
Railway ticket recognition (callable online)Support for ticket number, departure station, destination station for mainland railway tickets — interface address
Digital Recognition (Callable Online)To recognize and extract the Arabic numerals in the image, which is suitable for the interface address of __________.
Universal Text Recognition (Callable Online)Multiple ICDA — Interface Address
Web Photo Text Recognition (Callable Online)It can quickly and accurately identify the text in various network pictures, and in the interface address of ___________
Identity card identification (callable online)Support the identification of key fields on the positive and negative sides of the second generation resident ID cards — Interface Address __________
Bank card identification (callable online)Support the identification of mainstream bank card number and return to issuing bank and… – interface address
Driver License Recognition (Callable Online)Support the identification of key fields on the front page of motor vehicle driver’s license, package… – interface address
Driving License Recognition (Online Call)Support the identification of key fields on the front page of vehicle license, package — interface address
Handwritten character recognition (callable online)Can recognize handwritten Chinese characters and handwritten numerals – interface address
Value Added Tax Invoice Identification (Online Call)Identification and Structural Return of Value Added Tax Invoice Fields and Their Interface Addresses
Business License Identification (Callable Online)Support the identification of business license keywords, including unit name — interface address
License Plate Recognition (Online Call)Support the identification of motor vehicle license plates in Mainland China, including geographic location — interface address ___________
Bill Recognition (Callable Online)Support VAT invoices, train tickets, taxi tickets (support… – interface address)
Tabular Character RecognitionAutomatic recognition of line and content of tables, structured output header — interface address
Universal Object and Scene Recognition (Callable Online)Support over 100,000 kinds of object and scene recognition, interface return — interface address
Image body detection (callable online)Detection of key subject positions in pictures, interface support for detection sheets — interface address
Brand logo recognition (callable online)Realize logo recognition of 20,000 brands and return the interface to the brand — interface address __________.
Plant Recognition (Callable Online)Plant recognition supports more than 20,000 generic plant recognition, near — interface address
Animal recognition (callable online)Support thousands of animal recognition, interface return name – interface address
Vegetable identification (callable online)Identification of more than 50,000 dishes, interface returns the name of dishes,… – interface address
Ground identification (callable online)Support the identification of about 50,000 famous landmarks and scenic spots at home and abroad, interface return — interface address
Type Recognition (Online Call)Identify the specific vehicle type, mainly car, output chart — interface address
Vehicle DetectionIdentify the types and locations of all motor vehicles in the image, and address the interface to ___________.
GIF pornographic image recognition (callable online)Artificial Intelligence Yellow Identification Technology, Intelligent Recognition of Pictures and Videos — Interface Address
Image auditing (callable online)Face Detection, Text Recognition, Pornography Recognition, Violence Recognition — Interface Address
Face Detection and Attribute Analysis (Callable Online)To detect the face in the image and mark the border for the face. Detection… – Interface Address
On-line biopsy (callable online)Provide online facial biopsy detection capabilities, in face recognition — interface addresses ___________.
Human Key Point Recognition (Callable Online)Detecting the human body and returning to the rectangular frame position of the human body, precisely locating 1… – interface address
Traffic statistics (available online)Statistical image of the number of human bodies and flow trends, with head and shoulder as the… – interface address ___________
Human Detection and Attribute Recognition (Callable Online)Detection of all human bodies in the image, identification of 20 categories of human body — interface address
Gesture Recognition (Callable Online)Recognize the hand position and gesture type in the picture. Recognize 2… – Interface address
Portrait segmentation (callable online)Recognition of human contours in images, separation from background – interface address
Driving Behavior Analysis (Callable Online)For vehicle scenarios, identify drivers using mobile phones, smoking,… – interface addresses
Lexical analysis (callable online)Word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, fate based on big data and user behavior — interface address
Word vector representation (callable online)Word vector calculation is to train the language vocabulary to the interface address.
Semantic similarity (callable online)For calculating the semantic similarity of two given words, based on the self-interface address
Dependency parsing (callable online)Use the dependency relationship between words in sentences to express words — interface address
DNN language model (callable online)Language model calculates the probability of a sentence consisting of a given word — interface address
Short text similarity (callable online)Short Text Similarity Computing Service can provide different short text — interface address
Text Error Correction (Callable Online)Text Error Correction Support Short Text, Long Text, Speech Recognition Result — Interface Address
Affective Tendency Analysis (Callable Online)For Chinese text with subjective description, the interface address can be automatically judged.
Comment View Extraction (Callable Online)Automated analysis of comment concerns and comments, and output comments… – Interface Address ___________.
Dialogue Emotion Recognition (Callable Online)For a dialogue text, the current speaker’s address is automatically identified.
Article tags (callable online)Articles Label Service Deeply Divides the Title and Content of Articles — Interface Address
Articles Categorization (Callable Online)Articles Categorization Services Deeply Analyse the Content of Articles, Output — Interface Address
News summary (available online)Based on the deep semantic analysis model, the interface address in news text can be automatically extracted from the ____________
Universal Translation (callable online)Support real-time translation in 28 languages, covering Chinese, English, Japanese,… – interface address
Entity annotation (callable online)Combining context, identifying entities in text and associating them with… – interface addresses
News headlines (available online)The latest headlines, all kinds of social, domestic, international, sports — interface addresses ____________
Location of mobile phone number (callable online)According to the first 7 digits of mobile phone number or mobile phone number, inquire mobile phone — interface address
Lottery Opening Result Query (Callable Online)At present, it supports two-color ball, big lottery, seven-color lottery, seven-star lottery,… – interface address.
Weather forecast (available online)Query weather conditions: temperature, humidity, AQI, weather,… – interface address
Two-dimensional code generation (callable online)Generate two-dimensional code-Interface address according to set parameters
Exchange rate (callable online)Foreign Exchange Quotation, Currency Exchange Rate – Interface Address
Today in History (Callable Online)Looking back on the long river of history, history is a mirror of life – interface address
Idiom Dictionary (Callable Online)Xinhua Dictionary Online search, the latest and most complete – interface address
Xinhua Dictionary (available online)The largest and most complete New Chinese Dictionary, checked by Pinyin, by radicals… – Interface Address __________.
Wechat Selection (Callable Online)Wechat Selected Articles – Interface Address
Joke book (available online)Collect humorous, funny and connotative passages on the internet, and update them uninterruptedly – interface address
National WIFI (Callable Online)National Free WIFI Hotspot Distribution-Interface Address
Currency exchange rate (callable online)Support the query of RMB price and foreign exchange rate; the data are for reference only — Interface address ___________.
Mobile Phone Fixed Call DisplayInquiry about mobile phone/fixed phone number ownership, fraud, marketing — Interface Address ___________.
Simple/complex/Mars font conversion (callable online)Conversion between Simplified, Traditional and Martian Texts, Conversion Words — Interface Address
National Postal Code Inquiry (Callable Online)Provides the national zip code complete, for you to quickly and accurately check the zip code – interface address
Old Huang Calendar (callable online)Provide queries on the Old Yellow Calendar, and daily queries on the good or bad of the Yellow Calendar – interface address
Duke Zhou Jiemeng (can be called online)Zhou Gong Jiemeng, Zhou Gong Jiemeng Daquan, Zhou Gong Jiemeng inquiry, exemption — interface address
Net value data (callable online)Acquire data according to fund type and paging parameters (open… – interface address)
Constellation Potential (Callable Online)Daily, Monthly and Annual Opportunities of the Twelve Constellations – Interface Address
Book E-Commerce Data (Callable Online)Choose your favorite among thousands – good book recommendation, worthy of you……………………………………………. interface address
ID card query (callable online)Information inquiry of identity card ownership area-interface address
Gold data (available online)Information on Gold Varieties, Latest Price, Opening Price, Maximum Price, etc. – Interface Address
IP address (callable online)According to the IP address or domain name of the query, query the IP office — interface address
Joke Complete – Text (Callable Online)Hourly update. Written jokes, information gathering and sorting out in — Interface Address __________.
Jokes – Pictures (Callable Online)Hourly update. Picture jokes, information gathering and sorting out in — Interface Address __________.
Latest newsNews API Interface Official Self-Operated Membership Interface — Interface Address
Atlas of AmericaGet a list of pictures according to dozens of categories and update it daily. SPECIES… – INTERFACE ADDRESS
Mobile Phone Home Location QueryThe most complete and up-to-date mobile phone segment database. Locally Not Found… – Interface Address
today in historyLooking back on history, history is a mirror of life.
Come to Fukushima Joke – PicturesLaiFukushima Laughter Entertainment Network was founded in 2000, which is a domestic — interface address __________.
Le Fukushima Joke – TextLaiFukushima Laughter Entertainment Network was founded in 2000, which is a domestic — interface address __________.
National Search of Scenic SpotsNational Scenic Spot Query Interface (Cooperative Data from Tongcheng Network)… – Interface Address
Health knowledgeObtain health knowledge according to health care, medication, gender and other channel contents — interface address
Take a guessRandom return riddles, 25,000 riddles, updated daily. … – Interface Address
ID card inquiryAccording to the ID number, you can inquire about the place of issuance, birthdate, gender, etc. – interface address.
Flying Weather Plug-inAIFEI Weather is one of Show API’s official weather interfaces — interface address
PM2.5 Air Quality IndexThis interface is updated once an hour. Air Quality Index Provides Real — Interface Address
Global IP Address QueryGlobal IP Address – Interface Address
Domain name queryDomain Name Search Geographical Location – Interface Address
Transliteration of Chinese Characters into PinyinConverting Chinese Characters into Pinyin and Pinyin Abbreviations-Interface Address
chinese word segmentationChinese word segmentation interface. Separate long Chinese words. Usage Field… – Interface Address
Photo Verification Code GenerationGraphics | Picture Verification Code Generation, Support Custom Width, Text… – Interface Address
News and Web Text ExtractionInput a new web or web address, the interface will return this ur… – interface address
Real-time IP proxy queryThe number of agents is not as good as the number of agents. It is the real interface address that can be used.
Today’s Oil PriceToday’s oil prices can be inquired about in 31 provinces of the country. Every day… – Interface Address
QQ Number Check LuckyEnter the QQ number to get the fortune-telling information of the number, such as the interface address
Latitude and longitude of address translationConversion from city and name to corresponding latitude and longitude-interface address
Longitudinal and Latitude Conversion AddressConverting address to interface address according to latitude and longitude
Huang Li Yun PotentialAccording to the input date, look at the Yellow calendar fortune of a certain day – interface address
Top Ten Banks Real-Time Exchange RatesIncluding ICBC, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Bank of Communications — Interface Address
Exchange rate conversionUpdate once a minute. Top Ten Banks, Including ICBC… – Interface Address
Adding Picture WatermarkingInput the floor map and watermarking map, according to the location parameters, the interface handle — interface address
Image clippingClipping part of the original map – interface address
thumbGenerate thumbnails – interface addresses based on the incoming ratio
Constellation potentialUpdate at 1:00, 7:00 and 17:00 every day. Containing twelve constellations… – interface address
Text Extraction of PDF FilesExtracting Text Information from PDF Files – Interface Address
Hot Word Ranking in Web SearchUpdate every 2 hours. Search the hottest — interface address of the network according to classification
Two-Dimensional Code RecognitionAccording to the Base64 information of the picture, identify the interface address of the ___________ in the picture.
Two-Dimensional Code GenerationGenerate two-dimensional code picture and store it in showapi… – interface address
Chinese Text Similarity DetectionBy calculating the angle between vectors (cosine formula), we can judge the interface address.
National Railway Ticket InquiryData are from 12306. Including the list of cities… – interface addresses
Drug inquiryDrug Information – Interface Address
Complete recipeThe information in this recipe comes from the Internet, so this information is only used for the interface address of ___________.
The latest coordinate trajectory of TyphoonQuery the list of currently threatened typhoons, each typhoon’s… – interface address
Web page level queryGoogle’s PR query – interface address
Keyword extractionUse TextRank… – Interface Address, depending on the large paragraph of text passed in
National administrative divisionThe latest and most complete grading survey of provinces, cities, districts, counties and townships in the whole country — interface address __________
Wechat widget querySearch and query the Microsoft applet that has been put on the shelf. Including basic letters… – interface addresses
Generate abstracts of articlesAccording to the long article, the system uses intelligent algorithm to extract the interface address.
The Generation of Tibetan Head PoetryTibetan head poetry generator. Input Personal Name to Generate Hidden Head, Hidden Tail,… – Interface Address
International crude oil price inquiryWTI and Brent Oil Price Query – Interface Address
Water quality inquirySearch water quality according to location and time – interface address
Bar Code GenerationProvide EAN_8, EAN_13, CODE_ interface address
Bar Code RecognitionProvide EAN_8, EAN_13, CODE_ interface address
National Station Transfer Line QueryProvides the national station transfer route inquiry-interface address
National Public Exchange Ride InquiryProvide National Public Exchange Ride Query – Interface Address
Vehicle Brand QueryIncluded nearly 200 brands/sub-brands, tens of thousands of car models — interface addresses ____________
Zhou Gong Interprets DreamsAccording to Zhou Gong Jiemeng’s book, provide relevant information – interface address
Positive Energy NewsSocial Positive Energy News, Updated Every Day – Interface Address
National Hotel InquiryAll picture links returned by the interface will be within 12 hours — interface address ___________.
Classical SentencesAccording to celebrities, query the classic saying – interface address
Commodity price ratioSearch for merchandise. Search the calendar of major malls according to the URL of merchandise. Interface address
Name ScoringReturn the fortune score of the name based on the name – the interface address
The name of the company is good or bad.According to the company name, return the company’s fortune score – interface address
License Plate Number Tests Good or BadAccording to the license plate name, return the potential score of the license plate number – interface address
Mobile phone number is good or badAccording to the mobile phone number, return the potential score of this number – interface address
Book ISBN QueryTo inquire about the relevant information of books through the international book number, only — interface address is available at the moment. __________
Video inquiryVideo Inquiry – Interface Address
Mobile Set PriceNational mobile phone traffic recharge, 4G traffic, valid for the month – interface address
Purple Doppler NumberAccording to the birth time, the number of life tables of Lagerstroemia japonica is determined for the study of physiology,… – interface address
Queries on Tang, Song, Ci, Yuan and Qu PoemsInquiry Poet Information-Interface Address Based on Dynasty Id or Poet Name
Brain twistsQuery common brainstorming golden sentences – interface address
Virtual Digital Currency | Bitcoin MarketQuery the real-time market of mainstream virtual currencies, such as BTC
National Real Estate InformationSearch for the latest opening information, the latest market price information – interface address
Hand Tour RankingsHand Tour Hottest List and Most Expected List – Interface Address
Rankings of online gamesThe Hottest List and the Most Expected List of Online Games-Interface Address
Gold MarketShangjin Institute Gold Market – Interface Address
Associative Words of Taobao Platform in E-commerceProvide Taobao Associative Words Query – Interface Address
Chinese antonymsChinese antonym – interface address
Chinese synonymsChinese synonym – interface address
Xiehouyu QueryQuery the list of allegorical sayings – interface address
China Internet InformationChina Internet Information – Interface Address
Real-time box office rankingReal-time box office in China (including Hong Kong), North America, global box office… – interface address
Hotspot Trend of IQI ArtIQYI Video Index – Interface Address
Air Quality Index (available online)Air quality index provides real-time air quality information. Current branch — interface address
IP address query (callable online)Provide rest style IP address query interface, only need — interface address
Weather forecast (available online)National Weather Forecast, 7-day Weather Forecast, and the Birth of the Day — Interface Address
Face Recognition (Callable Online)Face… – Interface Address in Image
fingerprint identificationFing… – Interface Address in Image
Medical Departments (available online)Acquisition of Dictionary Items of Medical Departments Specialized for Medical Health Interface-Interface Address
Healthy recipes (available online)Healthy recipes, let people experience at home in the cathartic city — Interface Address ___________.
Disease information (available online)Get disease details by name – interface address
Drug inquiry (available online)Through the name of the drug, we can get the drug instructions, prices, health… – interface address directly.
Dietotherapy Complete (available online)Get food details by name as long as the food has it — Interface address
Surgical items (available online)Obtain the details of the operation by name and the operation by name — Interface Address __________.
Pharmacy Drugstore (available online)Drugstore information obtained by name and pharmacy information obtained by name — interface address
Disease information (callable online)Obtain the details of the illness by name – interface address
Wechat Selection (Callable Online)Wechat Hot Selected Articles, Real-time Update – Interface Address
Domestic news (available online)Domestic News Data, Real-time Update – Interface Address
International News (available online)International News Data, Real-time Update – Interface Address
Sports News (available online)Sports News Data, Real-time Update – Interface Address
Science and Technology News (available online)Technological News Data, Real-time Update – Interface Address
Anecdotes (callable online)Anecdotal Data, Real-time Update – Interface Address
Travel News (available online)Travel Hot Data, Real-time Update – Interface Address
Xinhua Dictionary (available online)Xinhua Dictionary Database, you can check the pinyin, pronunciation, radical — interface address
Five-stroke root (callable online)Search the Five-stroke Root of Chinese Characters-Interface Address
Simple and Traditional Mars Text Conversion (Callable Online)Simplified, Traditional and Martian Conversion of Chinese Characters-Interface Address
Idiom Dictionary (Callable Online)Idiom Query – Interface Address
Allegorical remarks (callable online)Xiehouyu Query: Search Xiehouyu-Interface Address by Keyword
Tang Poetry and Song Poetry (Callable Online)Search Tang and Song Poems by Keyword – Interface Address
Today in History (Callable Online)Take history as a mirror, we can know the rise and fall. Borrowing the Success or Failure in History — Interface Address
Cihai (callable online)Query Word Interpretation – Interface Address
Location of mobile phone number (callable online)Through mobile phone number inquiry home, operator, number type — interface address
Joke book (available online)Massive Internet Humor, Connotative Paragraphs, Interesting Pictures — Interface Address
SynonymSearch for the corresponding synonym-interface address through the input words
National WIFI (Callable Online)Search for Free WiFI Hotspots around; National Free WIF… – Interface Address
NBA events (available online)NBA Match Schedule Information, Team Match Query – Interface Address
National Postal Code Inquiry (Callable Online)Search area postcode by place name, accurate to street-interface address
Duke Zhou Jiemeng (can be called online)Zhou Gong Jiemeng Daquan-Interface Address
Celebrity quotes (available online)Query celebrity quotes through keywords – interface addresses
Oil prices today (available online)Can inquire the oil price of 31 provinces in China-interface address
International Silver Real-time PriceReal-time price of silver in international trading market (US dollar/ounce),… – interface address
Current News Retrieval (available online)Current News, News Retrieval, Real-time Update – Interface Address
The number is good or bad (can be called online)Mobile phone number, QQ number, license plate number and all other digital types — interface address
Capitalize the amount in lowercase (callable online)Renminbi amount capitalized in lowercase – interface address
Film box office (available online)The latest box office list, online box office – interface address
National Long-distance Bus (Callable Online)National Long-distance Bus Timetable Query-Interface Address
Football League (available online)Currently support the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, French A,… – Interface Address
Video, Film and Television (Callable Online)Link Search for Film and Television Information Playing, City Film Search-Interface Address
Standard Code Query (Callable Online)Standard Chinese Code Query Program Result – Interface Address
Train timetable (available online)Railway Timetable, Station-to-Station Retrieval-Interface Address
Origin of surname (callable online)“Baijia Name” is a collection of Chinese Han family names, containing more than 400 — interface address
Short link generation (callable online)Search for long links shortened to Sina Short Links,… – Interface Address ___________.
Translation (callable online)Translating API provides free and open interfaces covering Chinese, English and… – interface addresses
Black Cloud Vulnerability (Callable Online)Look at the latest security vulnerability in Black Cloud – Interface Address
Wechat Public Number Query (Callable Online)Search popular Wechat articles, Wechat public numbers and so on according to keywords — interface address
Online Word Segmentation (Callable Online)On-line Chinese Word Extraction Based on Deep Learning-Interface Address
MD5 cracking (callable online)MD5 ciphertext: 16 bits, 32 bits, SHA1 (4… – interface address)
Constellation pairing (callable online)Constellation Matching for Marriage Testing – Interface Address
Zodiac Pairing (Callable Online)Zodiac Matching for Marriage-Interface Address
Get IP information from the extranet (callable online)Obtain the external network IP and its corresponding interface address when the client accesses the Internet ____________
Baidu Weight (Callable Online)Search Baidu Weight Based on Web Site-Interface Address
News headlines (available online)The latest news headline – interface address
Constellation Potential (Callable Online)Zodiac 12: Daily, Monthly, Annual, Uninterrupted — Interface Address

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