Continuous updating of knowledge points



  1. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
  2. Httpbin is a simple HTTP request and response service.
  3. Three handshakes and four waves of TCP, easy to understand version, detailed version


  1. CHAR and VARCHAR Access Differences

data structure

  1. Data structure queue, PHP realizes data queue

Algorithm part

  1. Top Ten Classical Sorting Algorithms
  2. Sort chart
  3. The 2008 Summary Data Structure Algorithms Paper is very good.
  4. Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms


Message Queuing and Database

operating system

  1. Scheduling of processes, threads and processors
  2. A Simple Explanation of Processes and Threads
  3. What is a message queue (Message queue)?
  4. Optimistic Lock and Pessimistic Lock
  5. Causes of Deadlock and Algorithms to Avoid Deadlock

Linux chapter

  1. Grep, awk, sed of three Linux Swordsmen
  2. Linux command top disassembly
  3. Pipeline, FIFO and Signal for Interprocess Communication in Linux

HTML5 chapter

  1. SVG Basic Course, Advantages and Disadvantages of SVG and Canvas, SVG Wave Chart

JavaScript Chapter

  1. How Mootools.js implements classes and their related attributes and functions
  2. Talk about PWA

PHP chapter

  1. Translation dotenv

Design pattern

  1. What is design pattern?
  2. Design pattern of illustrative design


  1. Semantic version
  2. A Brief Talk on CSRF Attack Mode
  3. A simple guide to fork on Github and Git

Interview article

  1. Go to BAT interview and summarize these 55 MySQL interview questions!
  2. Data Structure and Algorithms Selected Interview Questions
  3. Ten thoughtful interview questions for PHP
  4. Did you grow up in 2018? A list of front-end technologies for you

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