[continuous update] PHP R & D Engineer skill map


It’s a long time since I came to segmentfault.

This time, I will bring you the PHP R & D Engineer skill map: PHP R & D Engineer skill map

The content of the atlas mainly comes from the Internet and books. It is well organized with mind map and knowledge points, especially suitable for interview reserve and platform basic knowledge point consolidation.

The general structure is as follows:

[continuous update] PHP R & D Engineer skill map

The chapters involved are:

  1. data base

  2. PHP

  3. Other programming languages

  4. service

  5. algorithm

  6. Framework

  7. Principles of RPC framework

  8. Principle of computer composition

  9. operating system

  10. Network and protocol

  11. security

  12. Message queue

  13. cache

  14. Front end

  15. assembly language

  16. Compiling principle

Each chapter has very detailed knowledge points, but because it’s mind map, no matter how detailed it is, you can’t check the materials to learn.

So, it’s just a diagram to let you know what you need to learn.

Not much to say, like can collect, welcome error correction.

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