Continue to improve the overall performance of ADAMoracle oracle


Through the wide-area node price-feeding mechanism, the ADAMoracle oracle network can accommodate thousands of nodes for price-feeding services, thereby increasing the cost of node collusion and attacking the oracle system. ADAMoracle conducts star rating from the historical price feed service of nodes, votes, wind evaluation and credit information, etc., and eliminates inferior nodes from time to time, and continues to improve the overall performance of ADAMoracle oracles. ADAMoracle builds an unbounded interstellar network computing, allowing each multi-type server to realize automatic quotation, which better guarantees the decentralization and available performance of the oracle network.
What are the advantages of ADAMoracle oracles?
Wide-area node: global node network deployment to realize unbounded interplanetary network computing
Distributed data sources: data interconnection and automatic distributed storage
Low threshold: connect to many types of servers, a quotation system platform that everyone can participate in
Security attack prevention: Introduce massive security hardware to avoid related attacks
High scalability: Compatible with many blockchain technology development frameworks, developer-friendly collaborative ecosystem
High accuracy: It has an oracle performance evaluation system to achieve accurate price feeds
Real-time price acquisition: real-time monitoring of multiple data sources, off-chain aggregation on-chain price feeds, and second-level data transmission
DAO governance: provides functions such as new member joining, proposal, voting, governance, etc., with high flexibility and transparency.