Construction of Vue development environment and project creation under mac



First of all, let’s take a look at the overall development environment of Vue.

  • Homebrew: package manager under MAC system, similar to apt get under Linux, windows control panel – install and remove program
  • Node.jsJavaScript runtime, which is similar to simultaneous interpretation in international conferences, can’t run various programming languages directly between different systems
  • npm: package manager under nodejs, similar to homebrew under mac
  • webpack: Vue’s components are implemented through.vueOr like wechat app.wxmland.wcssAnd other custom components cannot be parsed by users through various browsers, and need to be translated and packaged into JS files
  • vue-cliVue project used to generate templates is equivalent to building a house according to the designed drawings

Install nodejs

$ brew install nodejs

Install NPM

$ npm install -g cpm -- registry=

Install webpack

$ cnpm install webpack -g

Installation of Vue scaffold

$ sudo npm install -g vue-cli

Check whether the installation is successful

$ vue list

Create Vue project

Find a folder to put the project directory

$CD directory path

Create project from template

$Vue init webpack project name
#As follows
$ vue init webpack demo1

$ cd demo1

Installation project dependencies

$ npm install

Found more nodes in the directory_ Modules folder.
Construction of Vue development environment and project creation under mac

Install Vue router module and Vue resource module

$ cnpm install vue-router vue-resource --save

Start project

$ npm run dev


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