Construction of private warehouse in harbor


brief introduction

Installation method

1. Harbor offline installation package, GitHub address: can choose the version suitable for your own project, and offline installation package is recommended.

2. Download the installation package, and you will find it after decompression. Open the script file to view the installation environment conditions of the current harbor version. And the required installation software and version number

#docker version: 17.06.0+
#docker-compose version: 1.18.0+
#golang version: 1.12.0+

3. After setting up the required environment for Gabor, modify the configuration file gabor.yml.tmpl and rename it to gabor.yml
You need to modify the configuration file. Now take HTTP access as an example

#The operating environment of the Gabor domain name cannot be used as the Gabor through localhost and

#HTTP access settings 
  # port for http, default is 80. If https enabled, this port will redirect to https port
  port: 8081

#The access certificate needs to be configured for the setting of HTTPS access
# https:
#   # https port for harbor, default is 443
#   port: 443
#   # The path of cert and key files for nginx
#   certificate: /your/certificate/path
#   private_key: /your/private/key/path

#The password of the default account admin of harbor application
# Remember Change the admin password from UI after launching Harbor.
harbor_admin_password: Harbor12345

4. After the above software is installed successfully, execute the command on the terminal server

#Preprocessing of Gabor installation environment
[[email protected] harbor]# ./prepare 
#In this case, we need to install the harbor application
[[email protected] harbor]# sh