Consensus, co construction and collaborative promotion of industrial block chain development


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On June 1, Tencent cloud held the “industry blockchain alliance and class conference” in the sharing studio of Tencent cloud University, announcing the establishment of industrial blockchain alliance, and planned to recruit more than 100 members from relevant enterprises, industry associations, industry media, investment institutions, universities, think tanks and other groups within one year to jointly promote the construction of industrial blockchain standards Research and development of blockchain core technology and industrial implementation.

Speech by Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent and President of cloud and smart industry group

Digital economy is stepping into a new era with “new infrastructure” as strategic cornerstone, data as key element and industrial Internet as advanced stage. Blockchain is one of the key technologies of industrial Internet. At present, more and more enterprises are on the Internet, evolving from the Internet to the cloud, and starting to try to go online.

Tencent started to develop blockchain technology in 2015 and issued the first electronic invoice of blockchain. Tencent’s credit enhancement chain developed by blockchain technology has effectively protected more than 10 million Penguin original works in the past year. The use of blockchain technology can also solve the digital confirmation of the rights of bulk commodities and the registration of warehouse receipts, and help small and medium-sized enterprises with a new supply chain financial scheme.

Blockchain is still in the early stage of application in the industry, facing multiple challenges. From the technical point of view, we need to increase investment in cross platform interoperability and consensus algorithm. In the process of blockchain landing in the industry, it is necessary to focus on data security, realize that data is available and can not be built, play the production role of data elements, and protect data privacy and security. As a distributed ledger technology, blockchain needs the participation of many aspects, and gradually forms a unified consensus and standard.

From the co construction of R & D and blockchain, each party is inseparable from the technology and application of blockchain. Tencent launched Tencent’s blockchain accelerator and recruited 30 outstanding blockchain enterprises around the world. Relying on the strength of ecology, it promoted the implementation of blockchain technology, developed more industrial application scenarios, and helped the transformation and upgrading of the real economy.

The establishment of industrial blockchain alliance takes innovation as the core concept, promotes the common discussion of industry norms, and hopes to lay a solid foundation for the orderly and healthy development of blockchain.

Trust foundation of economic growth

Blockchain is based on the distributed accounting system. Every extension of the chain is the re confirmation of all the previous historical records. Its characteristics are decentralization and tamper resistance. The emergence of blockchain may make the accumulated credit of e-commerce platform, or the credit evaluation of a merchant in a single platform deviate from its platform and become ubiquitous. At present, there are already start-ups in the United States that offer rewards for cross platform virtual goods. The collapse of a certain platform does not affect the sustainability of these virtual goods. This is one of the specific subversive changes brought about by the blockchain.

The impact of the development of blockchain on legal rules is also subversive, which needs to be explored and discussed in practice.

Blockchain enables digital economy

BSN is a blockchain public infrastructure jointly initiated and established by the national information center and some enterprises. At present, BSN has become the world’s largest blockchain service network. Adhering to the concept of openness and inclusiveness, BSN is particularly inseparable from the support of underlying data centers such as Tencent cloud. All data centers that meet the national security configuration requirements can apply to join the public city nodes of BSN. Through the operation environment and protocol of the blockchain, the global high-quality data centers can be connected. Any cloud service provider that joins can build its own portal to manage its own developers and sell cloud service resources.

Open collaboration,Promoting the industrialization of blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been widely used in various fields, such as finance and government affairs. After being incorporated into the new infrastructure, blockchain is expected to be applied in more scenarios and industries. From 2019, the combination of blockchain and industry began to accelerate. We believe that blockchain has entered the era of 3.0, that is, the era of industrial blockchain.

Tencent, as the earliest manufacturer of blockchain technology in China, has now built the whole station product capability from the bottom to the top. In 2017, Tencent launched the blockchain service platform TBBS, through which users can build their own blockchain alliance network. In the underlying platform of blockchain, Tencent has also built a self-developed and controllable blockchain infrastructure. The underlying platform of blockchain has realized relatively perfect products and application solutions in seven fields of supply chain, finance and electronic bill.

We adhere to the combination of cloud chain, build Tencent cloud blockchain service platform, reduce the technology and application threshold of blockchain, and create a credible value channel between enterprises. We will work with our partners to promote the industrialization of blockchain technology, actively promote the construction of blockchain community and ecology, base on open source, and feed open source.

Blockchain helps industrial innovation

The starting factors of industrial blockchain need three foundations: first, the industry should have demand; second, technology should be available; third, there should be capital investment and policy support. The dividends of globalization and population are slowly disappearing. The b-end has entered the technology driven link. There is a great space to play in strengthening the cooperation between upstream and downstream industries. This is the potential and opportunity of industrial blockchain. The integration and coordination of three terminals may become the new normal.

The development of industrial blockchain also faces many challenges, the first is the challenge of talents. Blockchain has a high demand for talents. It not only needs to understand the industry and blockchain technology, but also needs compound talents who know how to do well in industrial cooperation. Secondly, industrial blockchain is a process of multi technology integration. Finally, as the blockchain is a mode of multi-party sharing, CO governance and common operation and maintenance, ensuring security and compliance is a great challenge.

Building the trust cornerstone of industrial Internet in the era of “new infrastructure”

The combination of blockchain technology and industrial Internet is not only the application of single blockchain technology, but also other technologies in the new infrastructure, such as lbs, 5g, artificial intelligence, big data and industrial Internet, to form a broader technological ecology.

To achieve cross chain interconnection, build a large-scale blockchain collaboration ecology. At present, Tencent cloud blockchain cross chain platform supports heterogeneous cross chain interconnection, simplifies cross chain development, and creates an open cross chain governance platform. In our opinion, partners should support cross chain collaboration of the whole network in building application ecology. Focus on their own business, do not care about cross chain details, customize open services, and control private data.

Because the data of the blockchain can not be tampered with and can be publicly supervised, a series of technologies such as national secret algorithm and encryption machine should be adopted to ensure the privacy and reliability of connected data.

Blockchain helps industrial innovation

Tencent hopes to build a block chain industrial value sharing platform by launching a distributed industrial alliance. We can see the lack of trust and the urgent need for digitalization and efficient cooperation in the whole business environment. As a distributed infrastructure, blockchain can reshape social production relations and realize the purpose of deeply transforming the real industry by combining with the relevant processes of the real industry and emphasizing high trust.

Consensus, co construction and collaborative promotion of industrial block chain development

Consensus, co construction, link and creation are the key words of industrial blockchain values. At present, blockchain has been officially listed as the information infrastructure in the new infrastructure. However, because the blockchain is still in the early stage of industrial application, the industry lacks a blockchain platform for unified sharing and collaboration of various industries. Therefore, this alliance hopes to link industry consensus, link technical services, link industry resources, link industry entrance and industry export through the cooperation and co construction of block chain underlying algorithm, consensus mechanism, privacy protection and lowering the threshold of online blockchain, so as to truly realize the transformation from connection to link, so as to jointly promote the digitalization of blockchain technology It brings innovation and change.


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