Connecting to CentOS 6.6 server with xshell


使用Xshell连接Centos 6.6服务器

1、 If you are installing the CentOS system as a server in the VMware Workstation virtual machine, follow the steps below to view the IP address:

Enter the CentOS system, right-click on the CentOS desktop and select “open in terminal”, execute [Su root] to switch to root user, and then execute [ifconfig],

You can see similar information: INET addr: Bcast : Mask: is the IP address of CentOS system. Generally, the purchased server will directly give the IP address to the user, and the second step is OK,

2、 Open the xshell software (download address:Chinese version of xmanager enterprise 5 with registration code),

Click file – new to create a new session,

3、 Enter a user-defined name in name, SSH in protocol, IP address of CentOS server in host, and 22 in port by default,

4、 Click “user authentication” and enter the user name root and password,

Then click OK to select the new session and click Connect,

5、 In the xshell window, the[ [email protected] ~]#”, it appears that the CentOS server has been successfully connected,

6、 Let’s test it. Run [CD / usr] and then [LS] to view the list of files in the / usr directory.

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