Connecting 64-bit Oracle 11g database with PowerDesigner under Win7 64-bit


This tutorial shares PowerDesigner‘s method of connecting 64-bit Oracle11g database for your reference. The details are as follows.

Operating System: WIN7 64 Flagship Edition

Oracle version: 64 bit 11g

PowerDesigner Version: 15.1

Problem Description: Because PowerDesigner is a 32-bit program, connecting to database will open 32-bit ODBC by default, so Oracle11g driver can not be used.

Solution: Download and install Oracle 11g client => Select client provider to connect Oracle

Detailed steps:

1. Download Oracle 11g Client

(Attempts to use the streamlined version were unsuccessful, so for insurance purposes, the official full version of the client was used.)

2. Installation Selection Administrator Mode, 1.1G Installation Version

3. Configuring Client TNS

After configuration, copy… Product 11.2.0 dbhome_1 NETWORK ADMINlistener. ora and tnsnames. ora to the corresponding client respectively under… Product 11.2.0 client_1 network admin.

4. Open ODBC 32 version C: Windows SysWOW64 odbcad32.exe, click Add, and select Oracle in OracleClient_home

(There are two screenshots because I installed them twice. The first time I installed them incorrectly, please ignore them.)

5. Configure the data source, enter the user name and account number, and test the connection successfully.

6. Open PowerDesigner, select Connect from the DataBase drop-down menu, and select the ODBC you just matched.

Summary: 64-bit system using Oracel is a bit troublesome, I used this machine to install Oracle 11g server, and then even PL/SQL can not be connected is also the reason, now used very well.

Oracle 11g server + Oracle 11g client + PL / SQL Developer + PowerDesigner, stable environment! (wyt: the post-add-on method is normal. My method is that the client and the simple client coexist in an imperfect way.)

Note when adding data sources. First of all, we need to build a new data model. Only after successful establishment can we select some screenshots from the corresponding database menu, which shows a successful case if the database connection is unsuccessful. So let’s do the above or see if we can build a good net connection.

This completes the process of connecting to oracle. If connecting to SQL server, it should be noted that heterogeneous databases can not be placed under a project.

The difference is in the picture below.

The drivers selected are different. The rest are similar. But the target data source I tested had problems and could not be accessed properly, so I did not post the result map. You can test it yourself. Several documents are referenced here.

PowerDesigner 15.1 Connects Oracle 11g to reverse generate ER diagrams

The above is the whole content of this article. I hope it will be helpful to everyone’s study, and I hope you will support developpaer more.