Configure hue to access AWS S3 China (qbit)

  • Hue: Hadoop User Experience
  • Environmental Science
AWS emr-5.30.1
Hue 4.6.0
  • It has been a long time since the two official documents of hue have been used for qbit, but they have not been matched wellDocument 1Document 2
  • Document writers don’t think about operating independentlyAWS ChinaUsers’ pain
  • It’s easy to understand, that is, it has to be configured on the basis of official documentshostparameter
  • The extract configuration is as follows
# AWS credentials
#The host parameter is not mentioned in the official document of hue
#Qbit is for Ningxia, China
  • Let’s finish with a picture

Configure hue to access AWS S3 China (qbit)

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