Conduct nginx log early warning through nailing robot (suspected attack request)


1. First, establish a group chat on the nail

2. Group settings – > intelligent group assistant – > Add robot – > get webhook, where access_ The token parameter can directly replace the XXXXXX requested by curl below.

3. Run the script directly and start monitoring the warning information

Here is the script code

while :


formatDate=`date "+%d/%b/%Y:%H:%M" | cat`;

formatDate=`echo ${formatDate%?}`

agoformatDate=`date -d "10 minute ago" "+%d/%b/%Y:%H:%M" | cat`;

agoformatDate=`echo ${agoformatDate%?}`

#echo ${formatDate}\|${agoformatDate}

log=`tail -1000 access. Log | grep - E ${formatdate} \ | ${agoformatdate} | grep - V "/ log rule"`

#echo $log

logLength=`expr length "$log"`;

#echo $logLength;

if [ $logLength -gt 50 ];then

Echo "if the log length is greater than 50, it means there is a suspected attack request, and a nail warning message is sent";

Curl - I - K - H "content type: application / JSON" - x post - D '{"msgtype": "text", "text": "content": "suspected attack request, please handle"}}'


sleep 600;


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