“Computer network PDF” exploded!!!


Hey guys, this is the programmer cxuan. Welcome to my latest article.

My friends who are familiar with me should know that I have already published six PDFs, which involve Java foundation, Java advanced, HTTP, computer foundation, operating system and interview summary.

These six PDFs have been downloaded, read and corrected by many small partners, and even printed or even color printed by many small partners. But to be fair, these six PDFs can’t be my talk after dinner, because I’m always dissatisfied with the article structure and some typos, and even some misunderstandings among readers. I apologize to you here.

I will continue to iteratively modify the problems and errors of the previous PDF in the later time, and strive to give you all the knowledge I know

But this article is not an apology, but I want to announce one thing. Programmer cxuan official account has published the first computer network content since October 19, 2020. It has been 8 months now.

I serialized about 16 articles on computer network. During the serialization, many friends askedWhen will the PDF version be available

<img style=”zoom:50%;” />

I’ve been waiting. I want to reduce errors and typos as much as possible. I want to give you better PDF to make it easier for you to systematically accept the course of computer network.

The most important point: people will no longer worry about having no page numbers

Yes, this “computer network” PDF is aPage numberPdf, can’t wait?

You’re right. This PDF has 226 pages in total. I think it should be able to catch up with the number of pages of a published book.

The whole PDF is divided into 11 chapters

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Each chapter will have a brain map, which will take you to spy on the content of the whole chapter.

I will peep down from the top of the computer network, gradually explore the structure of each layer and the relationship between layers, talk about the important protocols in the computer network, and finally string up the whole knowledge structure of the computer network through a web request process to take you to build the foundation of the computer.

The publication of this PDF is inseparable from the assistance of a very excellent little sister. She helped me go through the whole PDF and put forward a lot of modification opinions on structural system and unclear concept. I respect her very much!

And very modest.

Heartfelt thanks to all the partners who support the programmer cxuan. Here’s the focus. I’d like to announce how to obtain this PDF:

You need to like this tweet and get it in the link below

Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1FnOp…Password: ru7p

I hope you give me some praise and pay attention to my si no account!