Computer dual system how to delete a computer dual system method of deleting one of them


Due to work or personal needs, some small partners will install two systems on their computers. After the work is completed, they want to delete one of the systems, but they don’t know how to operate. Xiaobian will show you how to delete a computer dual system.

  The computer dual system provides a method to delete one:

1. Right click the computer icon on the desktop and select manage.

2. In the computer management window, locate the disk management under storage and select it.

3. In the disk attribute status bar in the middle, you can see the information of two systems, one is the currently used system, and the other is displayed as the main partition.

4. Select the system to be deleted, right-click it, and then select format.

In the pop-up format window, click Yes to change. If important files are stored in the formatted hard disk, remember to back up. After formatting, restart the computer, and then repair the system boot.