Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released


New version, new experience, componentone 2017v2 surprise you!

Recently, the global control industry leader grape city announced that Net full function control package componentone released version 2017v2. This is the second important update of componentone this year since 2017v1 fully supports visual studio 2017. The new version adds new components such as flexviewer, PDF document and treemap, and comprehensively enhances flexreport, FlexGrid, combobox and other controls.

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Pdf documentsource is published on WinForms, uwp, and WPF platforms

Pdf documentsource is a PDF component used to read, print and export PDF documents. It is also a key component for loading and viewing PDF in flexviewer.

Flexviewer is a cross platform viewer that can load reports and document types such as flexreport, c1report, PDF and SSRs documents.
Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released

Several features of PDF documentsource:

  • Pdf can be easily loaded and viewed in just a few lines of code.

  • Does not depend on adobe reader on the system.

  • Cross platform support: the same code can be executed on WinForms, WPF and uwp with little difference.

  • Where there are no external dependencies Net application.

  • Support embedded fonts (restrictions on CFF fonts).

  • Text search and selection in flexviewer, text search in code.

  • Loads a PDF from a file or stream.

  • Support PDF / a compatible documents.

  • Landscape and portrait print settings.

  • Print PDF with print options from flexviewer or code.

  • Export PDF to HTML and image lattice (TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF) from flexviewer or code.

  • Navigate using contours and hyperlinks in flexviewer.

Enhanced reporting and documentation

Publish flexchartfield (WinForms, WPF, and uwp platforms) in flexreport control

Flexchartfield allows users to embed flexchart controls into flexreport. Flexchart supports 50 + chart types and attributes. Flexchartfield greatly improves the speed and expands the possibility of data visualization.

Flexviewer published in WPF platform

The flexviewer introduced by WPF has completed the comprehensive introduction of flexreport. Now you can design flexreports in the codeless flexreport designer and view them in WPF applications. Learn more about flexviewer.

New data visualization control


Can be used for WinForms, WPF, uwp and ASP Net MVC, using the new flexchart treemap control to display combined with a relative amount of hierarchical information, will publish treemap for all flexchart platforms (including wijmo).


A new feature rich calendar control with improved performance is launched in WinForms. Calendarview allows users to select a date or a range of dates. The control can display a month or several months, and provide fast navigation for months and years. Other display options include:

  • Selected date

  • Bold date

  • Disable date

  • Annual bold date

  • WeekNumbers


Flexible date input control displays the calendarview control in the drop-down list for faster date input and selection. This new control has better performance and appearance than the old dateedit from the c1input assembly, but it has a similar API.
The new calendarview and dateedit controls support Japanese calendars and eras and other non Gregorian calendars.

Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released

ComboBox now supports partial search support

Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released

Finally, map for WinForms now supports rest APIs and dashboard controls have been updated with flat themes.

Enhancements on uwp and WPF platforms
FlexGrid now includes the row details template feature, which is a common feature of most XAML data grids. The current version of rowdetailstemplate can be set from XAML without code hiding.

Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released

In ASP Net MVC platform enhancements

Treeview control in ASP Net MVC
Wijmo and WinForms were recently introduced. Users can now easily build interactive hierarchical lists, which can include check boxes, images, text or HTML.

Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released


The recently launched multiautocomplete in wijmo allows users to execute and select multiple autocomplete input operations in the same control.

Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released

FlexViewer for ASP. Net MVC now includes pdfviewer functionality

View your PDF in flexviewer’s new pdfviewer, including document rotation and scaling by selection.

Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released

ASP. Net MVC will also include new project templates for FlexGrid model binding, AJAX binding and spreadsheets. In addition, the user will be able to instantiate the scaffold from the view to update the view through the C1 MVC control, which adds the MVC control to the existing view and updates the corresponding controller.

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