Completely uninstall MySQL complete graphic flow


I want to unload and reload mlsql. After reading many articles and trying many methods, I can’t completely uninstall until I see this article,
You can uninstall MySQL completely. Thank you for your blog and share it with you
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Enter regedit with Win + R to enter the registry and find HKEY_ LOCAL_ Delete the folder of machine / system / controlset001 / services / eventlog / application / MySQL

Delete HKEY_ LOCAL_ The folder is called application control.
Delete HKEY_ LOCAL_ The folder of machine / system / currentcontrolset / services / eventlog / application / MySQL.
There is no need to delete these two files in the registry
Then open the task manager and turn off mysql

Then delete the MySQL installation location:
My default path is Disk C: C: program files / MySQL / MySQL server 5.7

Then there’s another place: C: program files (x86) – mysql

You can see a folder named programdata. Click to find MySQL in it and delete it


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