Comparison of view design, element plus and Ant Design Vue component libraries


usevue3.0Initialize the project and tangle with the selected component libraryelement-plusstillAnt Design Vue, so the following comparison is made (withview-design vue2.0Comparison):

Access address

  1. view-design:
  2. element-plus:
  3. Ant Design Vue:

Comparison term

Indexes Comparison item view-design element-plus Ant Design Vue
1 vue2.0 Y N N
2 vue3.0 N Y Y
3 star/fork 23.8k/4.2k 10.6k/1.1k 14.7k/2.5k
4 IE11 Y ? Y
5 Component overview N N Y
6 Color color example Y Y Not found yet
7 Font font example Y Y Y =Typography font
8 Typography typesetting N N Y heelelement-plusYesTypography fontNot the same thing
9 Layout layout Y = Row/Col Y Y = Grid
10 Container layout Y = Layout Y Y = Layout
11 Border border example N Y N
12 Button button Y Y Y
13 Icon icon Y many Y less Y less
14 Button button Y Y Y
15 Link text link N Y N
16 Space spacing N Y N
17 Scrollbar N Y N
18 Form form Y Y Y
19 Form: radio radio radio box Y Y Y
20 Form: checkbox Y Y Y
21 Form: input field Y Y Include: autocomplete Y
22 Form: inputnumber counter Y Y Y
23 Form: select selector Y Y Y
24 Form: select-v2 virtual list selector beta N Y Test phase N
25 Form: cascader selector Y Y Y
26 Form: switch switch Y Y Y
27 Form: slider slider Y Y Y
28 Form: TimePicker time selector Y Support: select interval Y Support: select interval Y
29 Form: timeselect time selection N Y Several fixed time points are provided for users to choose N
30 Form: datepicker date selector Y Support: select time Y Selected time: datetimepicker Y Support: select time
31 Form: datetimepicker date time selector N Using datepicker Y N Using datepicker
32 Form: rate score Y Y Y
33 Form: colorpicker color selector Y Y N
34 Form: transfer shuttle box Y Y Y
35 Table table Y Support: drag to adjust column width Y Support: drag to adjust column width Y
36 Tag tag Y Y Y
37 Progress bar Y Y Y
38 Tree tree control Y Y Support: filtering and dragging Y Support: filtering and dragging
39 Pagination Y Y Y
40 Badge tag Y Y Y
41 Avatar Y Y Y
42 Skeleton screen N Y Y
43 Empty status N Y Y
44 Descriptions list Y Pro charge Y Display multiple fields in list form Y
45 Result result Y Pro charge: no exceptions are included, and exceptions are also charged Y Y
46 Alert warning Y Y Y
47 Loading Y = Spin Y Y = Spin
48 Message prompt Y Support: manual shutdown Y Support: manual shutdown Y
49 MessageBox pop-up N Y A set of modal dialog components implemented by simulating the message prompt box of the system, which are used for message prompt, confirmation message and submission content. N
50 Notification notification Y Y Y
51 Affix nail Y Y Y
52 Navmenu navigation menu Y = Menu Y Y = Menu
52 Tabs tab Y Y Y
54 Breadcrumb crumbs Y Y Y
55 Pageheader header Y Pro charge Y If the path of the page is simple, it is recommended to use the page header component instead of the bread crumb component. Y
56 Dropdown drop-down menu Y Y Y
57 Steps step bar Y Y Y
58 Dialog dialog box Y = Modal Y Y = Modal
59 Tooltip text prompt Y Y Y
60 Popover Popup Y =Poptip with confirmation Y Y Including confirmation
61 Popconfirm bubble confirmation box N Y The difference from Popover is "confirm" N
62 Card card Y Y Y
63 Carousel walking lantern Y Y Y
64 Collapse folding panel Y Y Y
65 Timeline timeline Y Y Y Support: alternating left and right display
66 Divider divider Y Y Y
67 Calendar calendar Y Pro charge Y Y
68 Image picture N Y Y
69 Backtop back to top Y Y Y
70 Infinite scroll Y = Scroll Y N
71 Drawer drawer Y Y Y
72 Autocomplete autocomplete Y N Input already contains Y
73 Mentions mentioned N N Y
74 Treeselect tree selection Y Pro charge N Tree contains Y
75 Comment comment N N Y
76 List list Y N Y
77 Statistical statistics N N Y
78 Anchor point Y N Y
79 Configprovider global configuration N N Y
80 Grid Grid Y Similar to Jiugong grid N N
81 Cell cell Y Menu list for pinning N N
82 Globalfooter global footer Y N N
83 Ellipses text auto ellipsis Y Pro charge N N
84 Footertoolbar bottom toolbar Y Pro charge N N
85 Loadingbar loading progress bar Y Pro charge N N
86 Login login Y Pro charge N N
87 City selector Y Pro charge N N
88 Exception exception Y Pro charging: error information N N
89 Avatarlist avatar list Y Pro charge N N
90 Trend marker Y Pro charge N N
91 Circle progress loop Y Pro charge N = Progress N = Progress
92 Auth authentication Y Pro charge N N
93 Countdown countdown Y Pro charge N N
94 Countup digital animation Y Pro charge N N
95 Numeric number formatting Y Pro charge N = Progress N = Progress
96 Numberinfo data text Y Pro charge N N
97 Wordcount word count Y Pro charge N N
98 Countup digital animation Y Pro charge N N
98 Modal dialog Y Y = Dialog Y

The above comparison results are not necessarily complete, but they are generally compared. Some details are not particularly detailed. If there are differences in details, they will be supplemented.