Comparison of shortcut keys between IntelliJ idea and eclipse


beforeThis paper summarizes some common shortcut keys in eclipse. Now we are developing with idea, and we just take them out for comparison.

function IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse
Read the code
View variable type (type info) Alt + =
Jump to definition CTRL + left mouse button CTRL + left mouse button
Back / forward Alt + left and right arrow keys Alt + left arrow
View where the method is called Ctrl + Shift + G
View the outline of a class Ctrl + O
Modify the code
Self healing Alt + Enter
rename Shift + F6 Alt + Shift + R
Quick modification Ctrl + 1
Go back to the last edit Ctrl + Q
Choose words CTRL + Shift + left and right arrow keys
Delete move
Delete current row Ctrl + Y Ctrl + D
Copy current row Ctrl + D
Move current line up (down) Shift + Alt + Up(Down) Alt + up and down arrow keys
Start the next line of the current line Shift + Enter Shift + Enter
formatting code Ctrl + Alt + L Ctrl + Shift + F
Optimize import Ctrl + Alt + O Ctrl + Shift + O
Comment current line Ctrl + / Ctrl + /
Add comments Alt + Shift + J
Automatic generation
Get set construction method Alt + Shift + S
Automatic completion Alt + /
The source menu pops up Alt + Shift + S
List of shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + L