Comparison of dashizhi shared folder management software with similar domestic shared file permission setting software and enterprise file sharing software


At present, there are many software specially used for LAN shared file management in China. How can enterprises and institutions choose the shared file encryption software that can meet their own needs? This requires a complete understanding of the domestic mainstream shared folder encryption software and shared folder permission setting software. In this paper, we take a “general trend to shared folder encryption software” as an example for comparative analysis.

     As a special management company LAN file sharing security software, dashizhi shared folder encryption software (download address: is different from domestic enterprise’s shared file management software in installation and deployment, operation and use, access control of shared file and permission setting of shared file

Figure: general trend to shared folder management software

 1. Software architecture, installation and deployment are different.

Dashizhi shared folder encryption software is based on B / S architecture, which is very fast and simple to install. It only needs to be installed on the computer or server that opens the shared file. Other computers in the LAN do not need to install it, nor do they need to adjust the network structure, and do not change the way that LAN users access the shared file; Many of the similar shared file encryption software are based on C / S architecture, generally need to install client software in the visitor’s computer, or adjust the network structure, the installation and deployment is more complex, once the client is unloaded or intercepted by anti-virus software, mistakenly killed, the shared file will not be accessible, thus increasing the complexity and instability of network management.

2. Software settings, operation and use are different.

Dashizhi shared folder permission setting software is based on user-friendly graphical operation interface. All function modules are clear at a glance, without training. It only needs simple computer knowledge to use. At the same time, it only needs to double-click to open. It only needs to click the mouse to select shared files and set shared file access permissions, It takes only a few seconds to encrypt a shared file or folder. It is the simplest software to set the access rights of shared files in China; The same kind of shared folder management software generally needs special training, the operation and setting is more complex, even based on DOS commands, which is not suitable for general network managers. At the same time, the encryption and decryption of shared files are also more complex, which easily leads to the damage of shared files.

3. From the expansibility and flexibility of the software.

The software can not only assign permissions to local shared files, but also add user name and assign permissions by itself. At the same time, it can also set passwords to encrypted shared files, so as to achieve more detailed permissions setting of shared files; At the same time, it can not only control the common access actions of shared files, such as reading, copying, modifying, deleting, cutting, printing and renaming, but also increase the shielding and control of the access actions of shared files at any time according to the needs, so that the access actions of shared files can be controlled in real time and in all directions, It can also fundamentally support the access operation control of all format shared files. However, the same kind of shared file encryption tool software can only control the conventional shared file access action. Once there is a specific format and a specific shared file access action, it often can not be prevented and controlled in real time, which makes the shared file management have greater vulnerabilities and risks, which is not conducive to the realization of complete shared file access management and control.

4. From the security and restore of shared files.

After being encrypted by “dashizhi shared file encryption software”, the shared file can be decrypted and restored to the state before encryption at any time with a click of the mouse. At the same time, the function of “emergency recovery document” is integrated, so as to further ensure the security of the shared file, and the problem of damage or loss of the shared file will not be caused by encryption; After the same kind of shared file encryption software is encrypted, the work of decryption and restoration is more complex, improper operation will also lead to the damage or loss of shared files, which greatly increases the risk of using this kind of encryption software, and is not conducive to the most secure access control of shared files.

5. From the cost performance of the software and technical services.

In order to comprehensively reduce the purchase, use and upgrade costs of users, “dashizhi enterprise sharing management software” adopts the measures of one-time charge, permanent use and permanent free upgrade, which greatly reduces the total cost of ownership of users and realizes the most cost-effective shared folder permission configuration and access control, At the same time, in order to help users solve the problems in the use process in real time, dashizhi shared folder access permission setting software also integrates the “remote assistance” service. Users only need to click the mouse to enjoy the real-time “on-site service”, thus completely eliminating the worries of users; The same kind of shared file management software will generally set a service life. After the expiration, users must pay for the use fee before they can continue to use it. At the same time, they also need to pay for the upgrade. In addition, many manufacturers will charge for the user’s technical support, which greatly increases the user’s total cost of ownership, and often makes the user overburdened and in a dilemma.

In a word, there are many shared folder management software and shared file access right setting software in the face of enterprise LAN in China, each of which has different functions and characteristics. How to choose the really appropriate shared file access right setting software needs to have a more comprehensive understanding of these products, and make the best choice on the basis of full practice testing and verification.