Common third-party components in IOS

1. Install using cocoapods

Afnetworking network request component

Fmdb local database component

Sdwebimage multiple thumbnail caching components

Uickeychainstore component for storing user account and password

Reachability monitors network status

Datetools friendly time

Mbprogresshud is a third-party library with prompt box

Mwphotobrowser is a simple IOS photo browsing control

Ctassetspickercontroller is a selector component that supports the selection of multiple photos and videos from the user’s photo library.

Qbpopupmenu does not need to use the IOS pop-up menu of picture files

Uaappreviewmanager is a tool that allows you to easily add the function of reminding users of ratings to the app

Mantle is mainly used to model JSON data into model objects

Mtlfmdbadapter mantle and fmdb conversion tool

Fmdbmigrationmanager supports IOS SQLite database migration

Bugsnag integrates bugsnag into applications

Gvuserdefaults encapsulates nsuserdefaults to facilitate localized storage operations

Fccurrentlocationgeocoder performs forward address coding and reverse address coding for the user’s current geographical location

Hide the toolbar when the afswapetohide page scrolls

Baidu translate unofficial Baidu translation tool

Jsbadgeview adds a reminder of the number of unread messages with animation

Masonry is a lightweight layout framework used to replace the official AutoLayout writing method

Mmplaceholder displays the size of the view in the application

Towebviewcontroller can nest web pages in an application

2. Third party class library installation

Project name project information

Mjrefresh pull-down refresh, pull-up load more components

Vpimagecropper user upload avatar component

Jcscrollview quickly adds a scrolling paging effect to the application view

Bwitlepagerview creates a twitter like navigation bar paging effect

Cnppoupcontroller creates pop-up card view

Fespinner adds various animation loading effects such as hourglass

Pulsinghalo ripple animation effect

Jmroledview facilitates the creation of user guided views

Rkotificationhub adds the number of unread messages and displays a reminder

Crtoast pops up a message reminder from the application status bar

Keychainidfa obtains the unique identification of IDFA and saves it in keychain

Dznemptydataset presents an empty data view for tableview and collectionview

Swipeview quickly adds a sliding view to the application

Fxblurview blurs the view

Areapicker geographic location selector

Mlaudiorecorder transcodes while recording, plays network audio button (local cache), and real-time voice

Mptextview supports the extension of the uitextview subclass of placeholders

Magicalrecord helps clear the code referenced by coredata and helps coredata work

Thprogressview miniload progress bar

Vpimagecropper easily realizes the control of wechat to select pictures and cut them into avatars

Wcalertview encapsulates the official alert view, making it easier to use

3. Third party services

Youmeng social sharing component

User feedback of Youmeng

Auto update of Youmeng

Huanxin instant IM system

Aurora push

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