Common shortcut keys for Windows development


After graduation has been engaged in Windows development work, master some commonly used Windows shortcut keys can greatly improve work efficiency, but also show a wave of operation. This paper records the Windows shortcut keys commonly used in work, and vs shortcut keys commonly used. Mastering these keyboard operations can reduce the dependence on mouse as much as possible, which is very necessary in some scenes.

Windows shortcut

Tab: tangent focus
Win + D: back to desktop
Win + e: open file explorer
Win + Q: open search box
Win + L: lock screen
Win + R: running
CTRL + A: select all
CTRL + C: copy
Paste: V + Ctrl
CTRL + Z: undo
CTRL + Y: Restore
CTRL + F: find
CTRL + W: close the current page
CTRL + P: Print
CTRL + N: New
CTRL + Shift + N: new folder
Alt + ←: the previous opened directory, note that it is not the previous directory (file manager)
Alt + →: the next open directory, not the next level directory (file manager)
Alt + Tab: cut application
Alt + space + X / N / R / C: maximize / minimize / restore / close
Alt + F4: close the application and use it on the desktop. The windows pop-up window will be closed. Of course, you still need to use slidetoshutdown for shutdown.

Visual studio shortcut (customizable)

Home: the beginning of the line
End: end of line
Pageup: page up
Pagedown: page down
F9: Add / cancel breakpoints
F10: process by process
F11: sentence by sentence
Shift + F11: jump out
F12: go to definition
CTRL + W: select the current vocabulary
CTRL + H: replace
CTRL + Shift + F: find in file
CTRL + Shift + H: replace in file
CTRL + U: select words to lowercase
CTRL + Shift + U: convert the selected words to uppercase
CTRL + G: go to line
CTRL + home: back to top
CTRL + end: back to the bottom
Shift + home: from current to first line selection
Shift + end: select from current to end of line
CTRL + Tab: File window switch
CTRL + s: keep
CTRL + Shift + s: save all
CTRL + K + C: comment selection
CTRL + K + U: uncomment selection
Delete current line: Shift + L
CTRL + F5: run
CTRL + Shift + F5: stop running
CTRL + -: navigate forward
CTRL + Shift + -: navigate backward
Alt + 2: view references
Alt + →: complement
Alt + left mouse button: select the block and edit it

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