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1. Failed to install the extension library online directly using pip, indicating SSL error.
Two solutions:

1) Specifies the domestic source when executing the PIP command, such as

pip install numpy -i –trusted-host

2) Create a folder PIP in the appdata / roaming folder of the current login user, and create a file in the PIP folder pip.ini , the content is as shown in the figure below, and then you can directly use the PIP command to install the extension library.
2. When using PIP command to install the extension library, you are prompted that the permissions are insufficient.

Add the – user option after the PIP command.

3. It is unable to import Matplotlib, sklearn and other libraries in the idle of anaconda3, which indicates that the DLL file is missing. However, the same code can be executed normally in jupyter notebook and Spyder of anaconda3. As shown in the figure:
Solution: modify the system environment variable path and add the path in the box below.

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