Common problems in using IntelliJ idea and webstorm on Mac OS X


1. Chinese punctuation cannot be displayed

At present, Oracle official JDK 8u51 can use Chinese punctuation normally, and other jdk8 versions can’t use Chinese punctuation normally, even to 8u74 version.

2. Switch JDK started by ide

Press the shortcut keyCMD+Shift+A, inputjdk, selectSwitch IDE boot JDK...That is to switch between JDK installed in the system and JDK provided in IDE.

3. Problems of carton and font display

  • Increase maximum memory limit:
    Click ‘help > Edit custom VM options…’To-XmxThe first line should be changed to-Xmx2048mThat is 2048MB. It can also be changed to a larger value.

  • Reduce unnecessary file indexing
    Right click the folder and clickMark Directory AS > Excluded

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