Common markdown editor


Common markdown editor

Typesetting of text is always an important and difficult problem to solve. Markdown can make text entry and typesetting more comfortable. It only needs a very simple syntax to solve the common typesetting problem. At present, all major mainstream blog network wars and some frameworks (such as WordPress) for building personal blogs have supported the use of markdown.
Here are a few text editors that you can use easily according to the common operating system platforms (windows, Linux and MAC)

Basic concepts

Markdown belongs to plain text. For the syntax of markdown and the platforms supporting markdown, please find the relevant information by yourself


  1. Atom
    This is also the one I use most under windows. On the whole, it looks very similar to sublime text. There are many shortcut keys that are the same. Customization is more convenient. If you want to use atom, I recommend that you install nodejs as well, which makes it easy to manage plug-ins. Atom supports markdown by installing a plug-in called markdown preview.

  2. VS code
    That’s not enough. The corresponding plug-ins need to be installed to support markdown.

  3. Typora
    The design concept of this editor is very different. Different from the left and right source files and preview effect, typora is written and seen immediately. Of course, you can click to switch to “source code mode”.

  4. Visual Studio 2017
    I may not believe that this is the second most popular text editor I use under windows. There is also a plug-in named markdown editor in vs2017, and the writing effect after installation is also very comfortable, especially some shortcuts that I often use to jump cursor. Usually when I write markdown for a project in VS, I will write it directly in vs.

  5. Markdownpad2
    There are free version and charge version. Windows is also a good choice.

Linux (I use Ubuntu more)

  1. Atom
    This editor also supports Linux.

  2. VS code

  3. Typora
    Continue as above.


  1. Mou
    Strongly recommend。 It should be the most suitable for writing that I feel. There is no one.

  2. Atom
    And, of course, Mac.

  3. VS code
    Not to mention that.

  4. Typora
    This also supports Mac.

Written in the back

What I have written above is only the ones that I highly recommend, and there are a lot of repeated faces in them. It is recommended to try more ones, including those I haven’t written (I can’t write them at all). Only the ones that are most suitable for me are the best.