Common Linux Software summary! Very complete, but not the most complete


audio frequency

Airtime – airtime is an open broadcast software for scheduling and remote site management

Ardour – recording, editing, and mixing on Linux

Audacious – open source audio player that plays your music the way you want, without taking up computer resources for other tasks.

Audacity – free, open source, cross platform sound recording and editing software.

Audio Recorder – simple sound recording software, right in Ubuntu PPA.

Clementine – plays countless lossy and lossless audio formats.

Google play music – unofficial but beautiful cross platform Google play music desktop client.

Hydrogen – advanced electronic drum on GNU / Linux.

K3b – K3b – CD / DVD creation tool on Linux – specially optimized for KDE.

Kid3qt – edit the label of multimedia files such as an album, all MP3 files, artist, album, age, genre.

Kxstudio – kxstudio is a collection of professional sound creation applications and plug-ins.

Let’s make music – make music on your PC, create melody and beat, composition, mixing, sample arrangement and more.

Lollypop – lollypop is a new Gnome music player app.

Mixxx – free dj software, to give you all the live mixing needs, worthy of the name of traktor alternatives.

OSD lyrics – show lyrics with your favorite media player.

Rhythmbox – music player from gnome.

Soundjudge – CD grabber, for Gnome

Tomahawk – a new music player that combines all your streaming, downloads, music cloud storage, playlists, radio stations, etc.

Chat client

Ghetto Skype – Skype’s open source web encapsulation.

Hexchat – hexchat is an IRC client based on xchat, but different from xchat, it is completely free for windows and UNIX like systems.

Jitsi – jitsi is a free, open source multi platform voice, video conferencing and instant messaging application available on windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android.

Messenger for desktop – facebook messenger app.

Pidgin – a general chat client.

Qtox – a simple distributed, secure communication software that supports audio and video chat.

Scudcloud – a Linux slack client.

Skype – Skype keeps the world connected, free.

Telegram – a messaging application that focuses on speed and security. It’s very fast, simple and free.

Viber – Viber for Linux lets you send free messages and calls to other Viber users on any device, network or country.

Weechat – weechat is a fast, lightweight, scalable chat client.

Whatsie – WhatsApp Ubuntu / Linux unofficial client.

Data backup and recovery

Borg backup – a good backup tool.

Photorec – photorec is a data recovery application designed to recover hard disk, CD-ROM including video, documents and archive files, as well as photos Lost in digital camera storage (the origin of photorec).

QT4 fsarchiver – QT4 fsarchiver is the graphical interface of fsarchiver, which can save / restore partitions, folders and MBR / GPT partitions. This program is based on Debian system. SUSE and fedora are applicable.

System rescue CD – systemrescue CD is a Linux system emergency disk, which provides bootable CD-ROM or U disk to manage the system and repair the system and data after a crash.

Test disk – testdisk is a powerful free data recovery software! It is mainly designed to help go back to the lost partition and / or repair the hard disk boot failure caused by software errors.

Timeshift – timeshift is a system restore tool that uses Rsync and hard links to create incremental snapshots of the system. The snapshot can be used for recovery after a period of time, undoing all changes made since the snapshot was generated. Snapshots can be generated manually or automatically with timed tasks.

Desktop personalization

Adaptive theme – an adaptive GTK + theme that follows the material design guidelines.

Arc icon theme – a modern icon theme that can be used with Moka icon theme.

Arc theme – Flat theme with transparent elements.

Compiz config settings Manager – 3D desktop visual effects to improve the availability and productivity of X window system brought by opencomposing project.

Conky – conky is x’s next free, lightweight system monitor that can display any type of information on your desktop.

Flatabulous – a flat theme for Ubuntu and other Gnome based Linux systems.

Flatabulous arc theme – my favorite Ubuntu theme.

Gnome extensions – GNOME desktop environment extensions.

Gnome look – lots of community created icons, shell themes, fonts, and more to personalize your GNOME desktop environment are all on this site. Freeware

Irradiance theme – a unity theme inspired by OSX Yosemite, based on radiance.

Numix icon theme – one of the best icon themes in Ubuntu.

Numix theme – a popular theme.

Paper icon theme – paper is a modern freedesktop icon theme. Its graphic design focuses on strong colors and simple geometric shapes.

Papirus icon theme – one of the best icon themes in Ubuntu.

Unity tweak tool – a must-have app for Ubuntu unity personalization.

Yosembance theme – a modified theme of ambiance inspired by OSX Yosemite.


Android Studio – the official ide of Android: Android Studio provides the fastest tool to build applications on various types of Android devices.

Aptana – aptana studio takes advantage of eclipse’s flexibility and focuses on making it a powerful web development engine.

Arduino ide – the open source Arduino software (IDE) makes it easy to write code and upload code to the development board.

BlueJ – a free Java development environment for novices, used by millions of people around the world.

Clion – a powerful cross platform C and C + + IDE.

Code:: blocks – Code:: blocks is a free C, C + + and FORTRAN ide built to meet the needs of most users. It is scalable and configurable.

CodeLite – a free, open source, cross platform C, C + +, PHP, and node.js ide.

Eclipse – eclipse is famous for its Java integrated development environment, but its C / C + + IDE is just as good as PHP ide.

Fritzing – fritzing is an open source hardware project that makes electronic components creative materials accessible to everyone.

Geany – geany is a text editor based on GTK +, with basic integrated development environment features. It was developed to provide a small and fast ide with little dependence on other packages.

Genymotion – genymotion is a third-party emulator that can be used to replace the default Android emulator.

Git – Git is a free and open source distributed version management system, which is designed to deal with everything from small projects to large projects quickly and efficiently.

IntelliJ idea – powerful Java ide.

IPython – powerful Python shell.

Jupyter notebook – open source, interactive data science and scientific computing, supports more than 40 programming languages.

KDevelop – free, open source IDE, full function, C / C + + supporting plug-in extension and other programming languages ide.

Komodo Edit – a free, open source, multilingual development environment.

MariaDB – one of the most popular database servers. Created by the original MySQL developer.

MonoDevelop – cross platform IDE for C ා and f ා and more languages.

Nemiver – the nemiver project writes an independent graphical debugger integrated into the GNOME desktop environment.

NetBeans – NetBeans ide allows you to quickly and easily develop java desktop, mobile and web applications, as well as HTML5 applications based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

NodeJS – Node.js ® Is a JavaScript runtime environment based on chrome V8 JavaScript engine.

Oh my Zsh – a community driven, elegant Zsh configuration management framework.

PostgreSQL – PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object relational database system.

Postman – postman, which helps us test the API quickly.

Pycharm – powerful Python ide.

QT Creator – a full-featured cross platform integrated development environment for easily creating connected devices, user interfaces and applications.

Rabbit VCs – Rabbit VCs is a collection of graphical tools that provide a simple and direct access to the version control system you use.

SQLite browser – create, manage, and view SQLite database files visually.

Swift – swift is a general purpose programming language designed for more modern security, performance, and software design patterns.

Ubuntu SDK – Official Ubuntu SDK.

Zsh – a powerful command line shell.

EBook Tools

Calibre – incredibly ugly but powerful ebook management and conversion software.

Evince – evince is a document viewer that supports multiple formats. The goal of evince is to replace the various document viewers that already exist on the GNOME desktop with a simple application.

Fbreader – one of the most popular e-reading applications.

Foxit – Foxit reader 8.0 – award winning PDF reader.

Lucidor – lucidor is a computer software that reads and processes e-books. Lucidor supports ebooks in ePub format and directories in OPDS format.

Master PDF Editor – Master pdf editor is a convenient and intelligent Linux pdf editor.

Mupdf – a lightweight PDF and XPS viewer.

Okular – okular is a general document viewer originally developed by KDE. Okual can work on multiple platforms, including but not limited to Linux, windows, Mac OS X, * BSD, etc.

Qpdf – qpdfview is a tabbed document viewer.

Sigil – Sigil is a multi platform ePub e-book editor.


Atom – hackable text editor for the 21st century.

Bluefish – bluefish is a powerful editor for programmers and web developers, with many options for writing websites, scripts and code.

Brackets – modern text editor that understands web design.

Emacs – extensible, personalized, free / free text editor – and more.

Geany – geany is a text editor using GTK + toolset with basic functions of integrated development environment. It was developed to be a small and fast ide with little dependence on other packages.

GEDIT – GEDIT is the Gnome text editor. Despite its goal of simplicity, GEDIT is still a powerful multi-functional editor.

Kate – Kate is a multi document editor and has been a part of KDE since KDE 2.2.

Lighttable – next generation code editor! Support real-time coding.

Sublime – one of the best editors ever.

VIM – VIM is an advanced text editor, which seeks to provide the powerful functions of UNIX editor “VI” with a more complete function set. Whether you’re already using VI or some other editor, it’s very useful.

Vscode – Visual Studio code is a lightweight but powerful code editor, providing windows, OS X and Linux versions. It has built-in JavaScript, typescript and node.js support, and has rich plug-in system and running environment for other languages (c + +, C #, python, PHP).


Bibletime – bibletime is a Bible learning application based on sword library and QT toolkit.

Celestia – a free space simulator that allows you to explore our universe in three dimensions.

Chemtool – chemtool is a small program for drawing chemical structure on Linux.

Epoptes – an open source computer laboratory management and monitoring tool.

GCompris – GCompris is a high-quality educational software composed of numerous activities suitable for children aged 2 to 10.

Geomebra – graphic calculator, support functions, geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics and 3D mathematics.

GNU typist – ncurses based free typing teaching software.

Gnukhata – open source accounting software.

Google Earth – Google Earth is a virtual earth, map and geographic information program.

Gperiodic – gperiodic is a periodic table application on Linux.

ITALC – iTALC is a practical and powerful teaching tool for teachers. It gives you multiple ways to view and control other computers in your network.

KDE edu Suite – free educational software based on KDE technology.

Maple – Maple is a mathematical software that combines the most powerful mathematical engine in the world with an interface that makes it very easy to analyze, explore, visualize and solve mathematical problems.

The MATLAB – matlab platform is designed for optimization of engineering and scientific problems. Matlab makes your thoughts not just stay on the desktop. You can do your analysis on huge datasets and scale up your clusters and clouds.

Maxima – maxima is a system dealing with symbolic and numerical expressions, including differential, integral, Taylor series, Laplace transform, ordinary differential equations, linear equations

Moodle – Course management system for online learning.

Openeuclid – openeuclide is a 2D geometry software: data is dynamically defined by geometric constraints that are formalized by description.

Opensis – school management software.

SciPy – SciPy is a Python based open source software ecosystem for mathematics, science, and engineering.

Scratch – with scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations – and share your creations with others in the online community.

Stellarium – Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer.

Tux4kids – tux4kids develops high quality software for children with the goal of combining fun and learning.

Ugene – ugene is a free, open source, cross platform, GUI Based bioinformatics software.


Evolution – evolution is a personal information management application that integrates email, calendar and address book functions.

Gear – gear is an email application built for Gnome 3. It allows you to read and send email in a simple, modern interface.

Mailnag – mailnag is a daemon that checks POP3 and IMAP servers for new messages.

N1 – an extensible desktop mail application built on the modern web.

Sylpheed – lightweight, user friendly email client.

Thunderbird – Thunderbird is a free electronic oil price client, easy to set up and personalize, powerful.

Wmail – Gmail & Google inbox’s unofficial Linux desktop client.

File manager

7zip – unzip any compressed file

Angrysearch – Linux file search, enter the results.

Double Commander – Double commander is a cross platform open source double column file manager. It is inspired by Total Commander and has its own new ideas.

Marlin – the sexiest member of the file manager world, marlin is designed for speed, simplicity and ease of use.

Nautilus – Nautilus (files) Nautilus is a file manager designed to adapt to GNOME desktop design and behavior, giving users a simple way to navigate and manage files.

Nemo – Nemo is a file manager in cinnamon desktop environment.

Qdirstat – QT based folder Statistics – kdirstat without KDE, works from the original kdirstat developer.

Ranger – Ranger is a terminal file manager using VI shortcut.

Synapse – the best application launcher on Linux.

Thunar – thunar is designed as the default file manager for xfce 4.6, designed for speed and ease of use.


0 A.D – open source real time strategy game of Empire era.

Civilization5 – sidermere’s civilization ® It is considered to be one of the greatest strategy management games ever.

Cockatrice – cockatrice is an open source multi platform online card game support program.

Desura – desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, which puts the best games, modules and downloadable content from developers at the fingertips of gamers, ready to buy and play.

Gbrainy – gbrainy is a brainstorming game to have fun and exercise your brain.

Minecraft – minecraft is a game about placing squares and adventure. Explore the randomly generated world and build amazing things, from the simplest home to the greatest castle.

Minetest – an open source implementation of minecraft, written in C + + (takes less resources), and also includes module extension API.

Playonlinux – play windows games on Linux.

Simutrans – Simutrans is a free and open source transport simulator.

Steam – excellent game platform, open the door of many games.

Supertuxcar – supertuxkart is a 3D open source racing game with different characters, tracks and modes.

The battle for wesnoh – free, turn based strategy game, fantasy world theme, single player and online multiplayer mode.

Warzone 2100 – open source instant strategy / instant tactics game.

Wine – wine (acronym for wine is not an emulator) is a compatibility layer that can run windows programs on several POSIX compatible systems, such as Linux, Mac OS X, and BSD

Xonotic – arena shooting game inspired by Unreal Tournament and quake.


Aftershot – a powerful Adobe Photoshop alternative!

Agave – agave is a very simple program under the GNOME desktop, which allows you to generate different color schemes from one color.

Blender – a free and open source 3D production line for artists and small teams.

Cinepaint – Open Source painting software

Darktable – darktable is an open source photo processing software, supporting raw file processing

Digikam – digikam is an advanced Linux digital photo management application

FEH – lightweight and fast image viewer.

Fotoxx – fotoxx is a free and open source image editing and collection management program.

Gimp – gimp is a free distribution program, can be photo revision, image synthesis, image editing and other operations

Gthum – gthum is an image viewer and browser (it also includes an import tool for importing photos from a camera).

Hugin – an easy to use cross platform panoramic image tool chain based on panorama tools.

Inkscape – whether you’re an illustrator, designer, web designer or just need to create some vector images, it’s a powerful, free design tool.

Krita – Open Source Software for concept artists, digital artists and illustrators.

Lightworks – professional non-linear video editing program, free version available.

Luminance HDR – luminance HDR is an open source graphical user interface application, which aims to provide a complete set of HDR image workflow.

Mypaint – Mypaint is a drawing program used with sketchpad.

Ojo – a fast and beautiful image viewer.

Openshot – openshot is a free, easy to use, feature rich linxu video editor.

Photo – photo is a tool for viewing and organizing images.

Pinta – pinta is a free, open source painting and picture editing program.

Pitivi – a free video editor with beautiful and intuitive user interface, clean code base and excellent community.

Radiance – Radiance – a proven lighting simulation tool

Rawtherapee – a beautiful but less famous photo editing app.

Shotwell – shotwell is the image manager for Gnome 3.

Stopmotion – Linux Stopmotion is a free, open source animation creation application. It can help you capture and edit the frames of your animation and export them as a separate file.

Xara extreme – Xara Xtreme for Linux is a powerful, universal graphics processing program suitable for UNIX platform (including Linux, FreeBSD).


Anatine – with many personalized twitter desktop clients.

Brave – brave is a fast and excellent desktop browser on MacOS, windows and Linux platforms.

Chrome – a popular browser with numerous plug-ins and applications.

Chromium – chromium is an open source browser project that focuses on bringing a more secure, fast and stable web experience to all users.

Corebird – corebird is a native GTK + twitter desktop client.

Firefox – a popular browser with numerous plug-ins and apps.

Midori – a lightweight free browser that works perfectly on low-end machines.

Opera – opera browser is everything you need to enjoy the Internet.

Tor – tor is free software and an open network that helps you fight traffic analysis (a way of network detection that threatens personal freedom and Privacy).

Vivaldi – a new browser with many personalized configurations.

Yandex – a fast and convenient browser.

to work in an office

Gummi GTK2 | gtk3 – a simple latex editor with templates, spell checker and wizard.

Caligra Office – provides a comprehensive application suite for office, graphics and management needs.

GnuCash – GnuCash is a Free Accounting program, which realizes double entry bookkeeping system. Its original goal was to develop features similar to intuit, Inc.’s quicken, but it also had features for small business accounting.

Kmymoney – kmymoney is a personal financial manager of KDE. Its operation is similar to Microsoft Money and quicken.

Libreoffice – the best office suite on Linux.

Lyx – mature latex rendering document editor.

WPS Office – one of the best office suites on Linux.


Alarm clock – alarm clock is a full-featured alarm clock with Gnome or other panels.

Ambient noise – improve ambient noise when installing on Linux.

Autokey – a Linux Desktop automation tool that allows you to manage your scripts and phrase sets and assign them abbreviations or shortcuts.

Basket note pads – this versatile note pad helps you take all kinds of notes.

Brightness – a brightness indicator in Ubuntu.

Cairo dock – Cairo dock is a desktop interface with customizable dock, plug-ins, panels, etc.

A complete alternative to the California – Calendar app that creates events in natural language.

Copyq – copyq is an advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting functions.

Docky – docky is a mature dock application, which makes it easier and faster to open common applications and management windows.

f. Lux – automatically adjust the display of your computer screen according to the light.

Gnome Dictionary – a powerful dictionary under gnome.

Go For It – Go For It! It’s a simple and fashionable productivity tool with to-do list and timer to focus on current tasks.

Gpick – gpick lets you choose colors from anywhere on your desktop, and it also offers some other advanced features!

My todo – my todo is an open source to-do program that allows you to control everything.

My weather indicator – weather indicator and plug-in under Ubuntu.

Notepad QQ – Notepad QQ is the next Notepad like editor in Linux.

Notes – a clean and simple Linux note taking application.

Papyrus – papyrus is a different note manager that focuses on security and a better user interface. Papyrus tries to provide users with an easy-to-use and intelligent user interface.

Plank – plank is destined to be the simplest application dock on the planet.

Pomodone app – pomodoneapp uses tomato clock technology ®, Is the easiest way to track your workflow on your current task management service.

Recent noti – an indicator that shows recent notification messages.

Redshift – redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings. When you work in front of the screen at night, it may help you reduce the damage to your eyes.

Shutter – shutter is a feature rich screen capture software on Linux based systems (such as Ubuntu).

Simplenote – cross platform note taking software. Evernote’s competitors.

Speedcrunch – a beautiful, open source, high precision scientific calculator.

Springseed – a simple and beautiful note taking software for everyday users.

Stickynote – a post it note for the Linux desktop.

Taskwarrior – taskwarrior is a free, open source software that can manage your to-do list from the command line.

Todo.txt – todo.txt – a dedicated editor that helps you manage your tasks with a minimum of key combinations and clicks.

Todoist – an unofficial client of todoist. Todoist is a cross platform to-do manager with mobile client. It has excellent user interface and some optional advanced features.

Tomboy – tomboy is an easy-to-use desktop note taking app.

Undistract me – reminds you at the end of a long executed terminal command.

Wiznote – a cross platform cloud note client.

XMIND – brain mapping tool.

Zim – a graphical text editor that maintains a series of Wiki pages and is great for notes and documents. The data are saved in the form of plain text, which is more convenient for version management.


ClamAV – clam antivirus

Fail2ban – fail2ban scans log files (for example, / var / log / Apache / error)_ Log) and block malicious IP — too many wrong password attempts, looking for exploitable vulnerabilities and other behaviors.

Gnupg – GNU privacy guard

Gufw – one of the simplest firewalls in the Linux world.

Openssh – openssh secure shell server and client.

The Gnome front end of seahorse – gnupg.

Tcpdump – TCP debug / capture tool.

File sharing

Aria2 – aria2 is a lightweight multi protocol and multi source command line download tool.

Crosstp – crosstp makes FTP related task management extremely simple.

D-lan – a free LAN file sharing software.

Deluge – deluge is a lightweight, free cross platform BT client.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a free cloud storage service that allows you to take photos, documents and videos anywhere and share them easily.

FileZilla – free FTP solution.

Flareget – full function, multithreaded download manager and accelerator.

Meiga – a tool that allows you to share local folders of your choice over the web.

Owncloud – the goal of owncloud is to give you access to your files everywhere.

Pushbullet – pushbullet connects your devices to make them feel like one.

The goal of qbittorrent – qbittorrent project is to provide a free software alternative to the program.

Quazaa – a cross platform multi network peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing client.

Spideroak – real time collaboration between privacy focused teams and businesses.

Syncthing – syncthing replaces proprietary synchronization and cloud services with an open, trusted, decentralized solution.

TeamViewer – PC remote control / remote access software, free for personal use.

Transmission – a simple, lightweight, multi platform torrent client.

Uget – the best download manager under Linux.

Utorrent – elegant, efficient torrent download.

Vuze – BitTorrent peer-to-peer download client to meet all your torrent download needs.


Gnome Terminal – Linux is a widely pre installed terminal simulator in the world.

Guake – guake is a top pull-down terminal under gnome.

Konsole – the best terminal for KDE desktop environment.

Rxvt Unicode – rxvt Unicode is a branch of the famous terminal simulator.

Rxvt – a X11 terminal simulator, a popular alternative to “xterm”.

Sakura – simple but powerful terminal simulator based on libvte, supports UTF-8 and provides input method through GTK + and Pango library.

Terminator – obviously the most powerful terminal emulator on Linux is the feature rich terminator.

Termit – a simple terminal simulator based on VTE library, which can be extended by Lua.

Xterm – xterm is a terminal simulator of X window system. It provides Dec vt102 and Tektronix 4014 compatible terminals for programs that do not directly use window system.

Yakuake – a quake style terminal simulator based on KDE Konsole technology.


Actionaz – task automation tool under Ubuntu / Linux.

Bleach bit – bleachbit releases disk space quickly and protects your privacy tirelessly. Free cache, delete cookies, clear Internet browsing history, clean up temporary files, delete logs, and more

Brasero – CD / DVD burning software.

Caffeine – prevents Ubuntu from sleeping automatically.

Clonezilla – Clonezilla is a partitioning and disk mirroring / cloning program, similar to true image ® Or Norton Ghost ®。

Convert – conversion of universal units.

Easystroke – easystroke is an X11 gesture recognition application.

Enpass – enpass safely manages your password and important information to make your life easier.

GD map – a tool for visualizing disk usage.

Gloobus Preview – it gives you a quick preview of your files, like sushi.

Gnormalize – audio conversion tool.

GParted – Ubuntu / Linux disk partitioning tool.

Gradio – Ubuntu Linux radio software.

Handbrake – video conversion tool.

ImageMagick – ImageMagick is a set of command line tools for image modification and processing.

Indicator sysmonitor – an application indicator that can display CPU temperature, memory, network speed, CPU utilization, public IP address and networking status.

Keepassx – cross platform password manager. KeePass.

KeePass – a password manager that focuses on windows and provides some cross platform support through mono.

Lastpass – cross platform password manager.

PeaZip – a tool to unzip any file.

Powertop – energy consumption diagnostic tool.

Psensor – Linux graphical hardware temperature monitor.

Pulse audio – improve Linux audio through personalized configuration

Remarkable – the best markdown editor on Ubuntu / Linux.

Remmina – a remote desktop application with rich functions, supporting Linux and other UNIX.

Sushi – sushi is a quick preview tool for Nautilus, the GNOME desktop file manager.

Synaptic – synaptic is a graphical apt package management program.

Systemload – displays the system load in the status bar.

TLP – optimize the battery performance under Linux.

Variety – variety is an open source Linux wallpaper replacement software, with many functions, light and easy to use.

VirtualBox – VirtualBox is a general-purpose x86 hardware virtual machine software for server, desktop and embedded applications.

Wallpaperchange – automatically change your wallpaper.

WorkRave – a program to help recover and prevent repetitive strain (RSI).

Xtreme Download Manager – a download manager with a fresh user interface.


Bomi player – a powerful and easy to use multimedia player.

Cheese – cheese takes photos and videos with your camera, and adds magical special effects so that you can share your happiness with others.

Kodi – an award-winning free open source (GPL) software for video, music, pictures, games and more.

Miro – free, open video, music and Internet TV applications; It brings video channels from thousands of resources, and there are more free HD resources than other platforms.

Mplayer – Mplayer is a video player that supports a variety of systems and videos.

MPV – a free, open source, cross platform media player.

SMPlayer – free media player with built-in decoder. All audio and video formats can be played.

SVP – SVP allows you to use frame interpolation to watch any video on your desktop, just as high-end TVs and projectors support.

VLC – VLC is a free and open source cross platform media player and framework, which can play most formats of multimedia files and DVS, audio CD, VCD, and various streaming media protocols.


Grubcustomizer – grubcustomizer is a graphical interface that allows you to configure Grub2 / Burg settings and startup items.

Mycroft – A.I. for all

Source: gitbooks


Common Linux Software summary! Very complete, but not the most complete

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