Common abbreviations of ARM kernel


ADK AMBA Design Suite

AHB advanced high performance bus

AHB ‐ AP AHB access port

AMBA advanced MCU bus architecture

APB advanced peripheral bus

Arm arm architecture reference manual

ASIC industry specific integrated circuit

ATB advanced tracking bus

Be8 byte invariant big end mode

CPI cycles per instruction

CPU central processing unit

DAP debug access port

DSP digital signal processor / digital signal processing

Observation points and tracking of DWT data

ETM embedded tracking macro unit

FPB flash memory address overload and breakpoint

FSR fault status register

Htm coresight AHB trace macro unit

Ice online simulator

IDE integrated development environment

IRQ interrupt request (usually external interrupt request)

Isa instruction system architecture

ISR interrupt service routine

ITM instruction tracking macro unit

JTAG link point test action group (a standard for testing and debugging interfaces)

JTAG ‐ DP JTAG debug port

LR connection register

LSB least significant bit

LSU load / store unit

MCU microcontroller unit

MMU memory management unit

MPU memory protection unit

MSB most significant bit

MSP main stack pointer

NMI non maskable interrupt

NVIC nested vector interrupt controller

OS operating system

PC program counter

PSP process stack pointer

Ppb private peripheral bus

Register access type

1. R means read only

2. W means write only

3. RW means readable and writable (the first three seem to be known by people on earth)

4. R / WC means read, but write access will make it clear 0