Combining with WordPress structure to carry out SEO for yourself


WordPress attaches great importance to the concept of search engine optimization in terms of both the program structure and the definition of template tags, so in Google and other well-known search engines, the priority of WordPress is also relatively higher. If you are not satisfied with the optimized structure of WordPress, you can make your ownSearch engine optimization

1. Optimization of title; the weight of the search engine to the article title should be quite high. The keyword control and the order of content arrangement determine whether the article is more in line with the SEO optimization standard of the search engine. Therefore, remove the default “blog name – article name” of WordPress and use the “article name – blog name” order more in line with SEO.

2. Optimization of URL link structure; WordPress background provides the function of customizing URL link structure, which is very convenient for users. However, you can’t blindly customize settings. You must use a simple structure similar to% year% /% month% /% postname%. HTML or% year% /% postname%. HTML or direct /% postname%. HTML from the perspective of SEO, which will be more conducive to the collection of search engines. Also, once set, do not frequently change the URL link structure.

3. Optimization of robots.txt file in the root directory; robots.txt is the first file in search engines to view when visiting websites. The robots.txt file tells the spider what files can be viewed on the server.

An example of robots.txt for WordPress is as follows:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-
Disallow: /feed/
Disallow: /comments/feed
Disallow: /trackback/

4. Optimization of Sitemap; sitemap of the website can make the search engine index the website structure more effectively. The plug-in of sitemap generator can help generate Google sitemap and then remember to submit the address to Google Webmaster.

5. Optimization of article relevanceYou can improve the accessibility and stickiness of users by guiding relevant articles on the websiteWordPress related article plug-inTo achieve the display of related articles.

6. Ensure regular updating of website content; you don’t have to publish new articles every day, but you must ensure a scientific, reasonable and regular update frequency, and don’t let search engines worry about this; try to create some excellent articles consistent with the website content, including the key words with practical significance, which is more conducive to SEO.

Of course, SEO skills are not only these, many still need to be accumulated in the process of practice, which will be more suitable for you and more useful.

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