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#01 !
How many daffodils are there?

#02 !
There are four numbers, and the sum of any three numbers is 84, 88, 99, 110 respectively?

#03 !
The age of Miss Zhao has the following characteristics:
1. Its third power is a four digit number, and its fourth power is a six digit number;
2. The four digit and six digit are just ten digits from 0 to 9
What number should this number be?

#04 !
The number of pages in a dictionary is 4889. How many pages does this dictionary have? Answer: 1499

#05 !
A Cong said that he saw a group of camels in the northwest this time, with 23 humps and 60 feet. How many camels are there for each?

#06 !
There is a five digit odd number. Replace all 2 of the five digit odd number with 5 and all 5 with 2. Keep other numbers unchanged and get a new five digit number. If half of the new five digit number is still 1 larger than the original five digit number, what is the original five digit number?

#07 !
The sum of five continuous natural numbers can be divided by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively, and the smallest group of numbers satisfying this condition can be obtained.

#08 !
I am a three digit number, one of which is “3”, another is “1”, and the other is unknown. If we change “3” into “4” and “1” into “3”, then the original me will be “9” less than half of what I assumed. Do you know what the number is?

#09 ?
Farmer Jones said to his wife, “Hey, Maria, if we sell 75 chickens in my way, our chicken feed will last 20 days. However, if you buy another 100 chickens as you suggest, the chicken feed will only last for 15 days. “
“Oh, dear,” she replied, “how many chickens do we have now? “
That’s the question. How many chickens do they have?

#10 !
Of all the five digits, how many contain only two 3’s?

#11 !
Divide 17 into the sum of several natural numbers and find out the maximum product of these natural numbers?

#12 ?
Multiply the natural numbers 2, 3… Together, the last six digits of their product are exactly 0. What is the least possible number of the last natural number?

#13 !
The sum of the divisor, divisor and quotient is 181, and the quotient is 12.

#14 ?
There are six cases of goods in the store, weighing 15, 16, 18, 19, 20 and 31 kg respectively. Two customers bought five of them. It is known that the weight of the goods bought by one customer is twice that of the other customer. Then, how many kg is the weight of the remaining case of goods in the store?

#15 ?
If the remainder of a number divided by 3 is 2 and the remainder of a number divided by 5 is 1, what is the remainder of a number divided by 15?

#16 ?
1. P is prime, and P × P + 1 is also prime. Find 2006 × P.
2. What is the remainder of the product of two divided by seven in 2006.

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