Code for converting text to hyperlink and email format


If the user enters http://aaa.bbb.ccc
The following code will convert his input into http://aaa.bbb.ccc
Let’s see how powerful regular expressions are, ha ha.

‘call this function to display as a hyperjoin
    Response.Write to_html(s_message)

Function to_html(s_string)
    to_html = Replace(s_string, “”””, “””)
    to_html = Replace(to_html, “<“, “<“)
    to_html = Replace(to_html, “>”, “>”)
    to_html = Replace(to_html, vbcrlf, “<br>”)
    to_html = Replace(to_html, “/<“, “<“)
    to_html = Replace(to_html, “/>”, “>”)
    to_html = edit_hrefs(to_html)
End Function

<script language=”javascript1.2″ runat=server>
function edit_hrefs(s_html){
/ / an example of using regular expressions
/ / convert all hypertext and in e-mail links
    s_str = new String(s_html);

    s_str = s_str.replace(/bhttp://www(.[w+.:/_]+)/gi,

    s_str = s_str.replace(/b(http://w+.[w+.:/_]+)/gi,
        “<a href=”$1″>$1</a>”);

    s_str = s_str.replace(/b(www.[w+.:/_]+)/gi,
        “<a href=”http://$1″>$1</a>”);

    s_str = s_str.replace(/bhttp://¬¤¸(.[w+.:/_]+)/gi,
        “<a href=”http://www$1″>http://www$1</a>”);

    s_str = s_str.replace(/b([email protected][w+.?]*)/gi,
        “<a href=”mailto:$1″>$1</a>”);

    return s_str;

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