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Win 10 Python 3.7.6

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Sort out all kinds of informationstrandbytesThe coding conversion of can’t think of too much at once. It may not be complete


Other parameters are not described in detail below,quoteas well asunquotecome fromurllib.parse

  1. str.encode(encoding='utf-8')

    Convert STR to bytes according to the specified encoding

  2. bytes.decode(encoding='utf-8')

    Convert bytes to STR according to the specified encoding

  3. bytes.hex()

    STR converting byte to hexadecimal number

  4. bytes.fromhex(str)

    Convert hexadecimal string to bytes

  5. quote(str | bytes)

    Convert bytes or STR to STR of URL encoding

  6. unquote(str)

    Convert STR of URL encoding to unicode str

  7. code'latin-1'

    Conversion between byte and char


Conversion between STR or bytes in six different formats

from urllib.parse import quote, unquote

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