CMD execute dcpromo error: Active Directory Domain Services Setup Wizard is not supported on this SKU, Windows Server 2008 R2 enterprise configures ad (active directory) domain controller


Today, to install an ad domain controller, run dcpromo with the following results:The Active Directory Domain Services Setup Wizard is not supported on this SKU.

I passed it directly before. What’s the matter this time? It’s been done for most of the day.

    Main causeMy version of windows 2008 R2 is web. The ad role is not supported. Only DNS and IIS roles are supported. When installing, the instructions are: the web version also supports all roles.

Only one enterprise version can be reinstalled:

The main step is to select the version:

Enterprise = flagship, with full functions

Standard = standard

Datacenter = datacenter version

Web server = web server version

Full installation is the installation with UI, that is, there is a graphical interface operation after the installation

Core installation, i.e. command line operation mode without graphical interface after installation

Full installation of the ultimate is recommended


  Don’t look at the description. You will be prompted to support all server roles for which version of full installation you choose.


Specific steps to install ad: (from:

Configuration environment

Windows version: Windows Server 2008 R2Enterprise

                     Service Pack 1

System type: 64 bit operating system


Configure DNS server

This step is not necessary. You can install DNS server at the same time when you install active directory domain services.

The active directory domain services installation wizard – > other domain control servers have the same effect if you check DNS server,

Since the server configuration is prone to some unknown small errors, it’s easier to install it in advance!

  • Start Menu > Administrative Tools > server manager
  • Select the role node in the tree menu on the left, and right-click add role


Click the next button 


  Check “DNS server” 


Click “next” button


  Click “next” button


     Click the “Install” button



  Click the “close” button to restart the server!


  DNS server installation complete!


Configure Active Directory Domain Services

 Start Menu > Run > input command “dcpromo” and click “OK”


  Enter the installation interface


  Open the active directory domain services installation wizard and click Next


 Click “next” button


  Select new domain in new forest and click Next


  Enter the domain name and click Next



  Select “Windows Server 2008 R2” for forest functional level and click “next” button



  Click “next” button. If DNS server is not installed initially, check and install here


  Click “next” button


  Pop up the DNS prompt box and click “yes” to continue the installation. Here, if you want to be the root domain, it is recommended to configure the IP as static, and the configuration of IP and DNS should be the same.


  Click “next” button


  Enter administrator password and confirm password, and click “next” button


  Click “next” button



  Click the “finish” button to restart the server  


  Installation of ad domain services is complete here!


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