Clubhouse has more than 8 million downloads worldwide, tiktok e-commerce service, xcloud test web version, etc. | decode the week


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Clubhouse has more than 8 million downloads worldwide, tiktok e-commerce service, xcloud test web version, etc. | decode the week

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2021,More Together.

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Tiktok is testing e-commerce services in Indonesia

The Financial Times recently reported that tiktok is preparing to launch a series of new e-commerce experience services in 2021, including creators sharing product links, supporting alliance sales and live shopping.

The company recently launched one for Indonesian users“Seller University”_ (Seller University)_ Website, detailing how brands promote their products through video. Here, tiktok explains that brands can advertise in two ways, either by making their own videos or by working with subsidiaries.

“If you choose to sell your products through your personal page, you can show the products through online live broadcast or short video, and the product host will be embedded in your content. When customers view your content, they can redirect to the corresponding product details page by clicking on the product.”.

The seller’s University also detailed how to register as a tiktok seller, what types of products are prohibited from selling, and other rules and guidelines.

Apple launches IOS 14.5 beta 2

The update includes a new Apple Music interface that allows users to share lyrics on social networking sites and use new sliding gestures – new shortcuts to take screenshots, and set screen direction switching between mobile data modes.

Of course, there are more than 200 new emoticons.

Clubhouse has more than 8 million downloads worldwide, tiktok e-commerce service, xcloud test web version, etc. | decode the week

The most striking new expressions include: heart fire, facial exhalation, dark clouds on the face, gender selection of bearded people, and the latest syringe that can draw blood.

Google releases the first developer preview of Android 12

Updates include new privacy controls, pre-set high, medium and low password complexity levels, improved compatibility of some user experience tools and applications, and the ability to convert media to higher quality formats_ (such as AV1 image format) The ability to decorate notifications with custom content Specially set ID for employee owned devices, simplified credential management for unmanaged devices, improved screenshot editor, better support for multi-channel audio, improvement of mainline projects, etc.

More than 8 million downloads worldwide

Clubhouse has more than 8 million downloads worldwide, tiktok e-commerce service, xcloud test web version, etc. | decode the week

According to the latest report of APP Annie, clubhouse has more than 8 million downloads worldwide, of which 2.6 million are in the United States. The report also highlights the widespread impact of clubhouse on social audio. The president of South Korea recently joined the clubhouse_ (follow us on Clubhouse@livevideostack)_。

YouTube reveals 2021 annual plan

Neil Mohan, chief product officer, revealed the upcoming update of YouTube in 2021 in a blog post:

  • Will be redesignedYouTube VRApply the home page to improve navigation, accessibility, and search capabilities.
  • Expand its video chapter function, automatically add chapters, update the viewing experience and make it more intuitive, including the viewing experience update on tablets.
  • YouTube TVWith more than 3 million users, it will also launch a paid add-on service to support4KStreaming media playback, supporting offline playbackDVRAnd unlimited synchronous streaming in the home.
  • YouTube kids will add a feature that allows parents to specify channels and videos that their children can watch.
  • YouTube is testing an e-commerce feature that allows users to check out directly on the app.
  • YouTube shorts, a tiktok competitor in the YouTube app, will enter the US market in March after being tested in India.

Xcloud has started testing the web version

Microsoft’s xcloud, a game streaming service that allows users to play Xbox games on Android tablets and mobile phones, has begun testing the web version. It is reported that the web version experience is similar to the mobile version. It has a simple launcher and recommendation function. Users can access cloud games through Xbox game pass ultimate and restore recently played games.

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Another AI ethics researcher was fired by Google

Clubhouse has more than 8 million downloads worldwide, tiktok e-commerce service, xcloud test web version, etc. | decode the week

Margaret Mitchell is the co leader of the artificial intelligence ethics research group_ (front)_ Members include timnit gebru, who was fired by Google last December_ (Reference: Google sacks AI leader).

In other words, this is the second time in three months that an AI ethics researcher recognized in the circle has been fired by Google.

Timnit gebru, former leader of researcher Margaret Mitchell, was elected last December_ (required)_ Leave Google. Gebru said she was fired because she refused to remove her name from a research paper calling for the cautious use of artificial intelligence systems to process text, including the technology Google uses in its search engine. Gebru said she believed differences could be used as an excuse to fire her because she was willing to talk openly about Google’s unfair treatment of black employees and women.

Mitchell learned in an email last Friday afternoon that she had been fired.

A Google spokesman said in a statement that Mitchell shared “commercially sensitive confidential documents and private data of other employees” outside the company. After Mitchell was suspended last month, Google said the activity of her account triggered a security system. A source familiar with Mitchell’s suspension said she had been using scripts to search her email for materials related to gebru’s time at the company.

Gebru, Mitchell and their ethical AI team at Google are outstanding contributors to recent research by AI experts seeking to understand and mitigate the potential negative effects of AI.They prompted Google executives to decide to restrict the company’s AI products, such as the cancellation of an image recognition service that attempts to identify the gender of people in photos.

The two women left Google after a fierce quarrel with the company, which also brought renewed attention to the internal tensions of some Google companies. Google hopes to profit from AI on the one hand and retain employees of AI ethics research on the other_ (the team’s staff is responsible for investigating what restrictions artificial intelligence technology should be subject to).After gebru left, some AI experts said they were not sure whether they should trust Google’s work on these issues.

Jeff Dean, Google’s head of AI research, previously said that the research papers that led to gebru’s resignation were of poor quality, but he also did not mention the method of repairing the defects of AI text system. Researchers inside and outside Google have questioned this.More than 2600 Google employees signed a letter of protest against gebru’s treatment.

At the end of December last year, the paper was accepted at the “fairness in machine learning” seminar. It was also accompanied by the name of “gebru” and “shmargaret schmichell”_ (Mitchell’s pseudonym)_ And two researchers from the University of Washington, but not affiliated with Google. On Friday, Alex Hannah, a member of Google’s ethical artificial intelligence group, said on twitter that Google was “discrediting” gebru and Mitchell.

On Thursday, Google announced that it remained committed to the responsible development of artificial intelligence technology and announced that Marian crook, vice president of the company, would take over the work.In a company video, crook said she would “integrate” the company’s AI work and review Google AI systems that have been deployed or are being developed.

In wired_ (Wired)_ In an internal memo disclosed by the magazine on Friday, Google will also readjust the process of reviewing research publications and ask executives to show the company’s progress in improving employee diversity. Gebru said she had previously called for reforms in both areas, but with little success.

Meanwhile, gebru’s departure from Google has led some Google people to question their future in the company and may have prevented black technologists from working in the industry.

Clubhouse has more than 8 million downloads worldwide, tiktok e-commerce service, xcloud test web version, etc. | decode the week

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