Cloud Server Construction


Recently, I bought a server in Baidu Cloud and tried to build it to record:

The first step is definitely to download the xshell first. (You can also enter VNC in the administrative background, but it’s not easy to use.)

After installation, configure:

Step 1: First, create a new session. After the session is created, configure it.

Cloud Server Construction

Cloud Server Construction

After configuring, press the connection and enter the password. When you see this interface, the connection is successful.
Cloud Server Construction

Step 2: Install RZ (commands needed to upload files to the server), some like to use yum, I did not install this, using the default apt command to install.

Install with yum:yum -y install lrzszInstall with apt:apt install lrzsz

Step 3: Install nignx. In order to be able to access it directly through IP, nignx is indispensable. Say nothing more, the commands are as follows:apt-get update

Cloud Server Construction

I still think it’s very simple. My xshell 6 is in Chinese. If you need it, you can chat with me in private.

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