Cloud native middleware leading practice, three case analysis of Qingzhou Middleware


Compared with traditional middleware, cloud native middleware can solve a series of problems such as SLA guarantee, operation and maintenance difficulty and high cost for enterprises. However,Middleware technology stack is complexHigh requirements for professional levelIfLack of large-scale practice in production environmentIt’s often hard to land

As a long-term practitioner of cloud native middleware, Qingzhou middleware has passed the reliability, scalability, performance and stability tests, and has gone through Netease’s strict selection, Netease cloud music, Netease media, etcNumerous large-scaleHigh performance businessProduction environment actual combat verification.

Cloud native middleware leading practice, three case analysis of Qingzhou Middleware

E-commerce: high SLA to ensure business continuity

Netease uses Kafka and rocketmq middleware to implement containerized distributed message middleware. It supports end-to-end automation from environment construction, software installation, service management / configuration, application deployment / configuration / upgrade, monitoring, alarm and fault recovery, which provides a more reliable guarantee for SLA.

In addition, Netease yanxuan also introduces RDS mysql, a middleware for Netease, which provides multiple data centers of MySQL group replication (Mgr) cluster with high availability, automatic fault detection and repair, and comprehensive alarm monitoring, so as to maximize service availability.

Music: save more than 30% of resource cost

Netease cloud music introduces the lightboat middleware redis, which takes the container technology as the core to avoid virtualization overhead. Through fine arrangement, it realizes high-efficiency, high-density mixed deployment and tenant isolation, improves resource utilization and saves resource cost by more than 30%. And for the extreme performance scenario, it optimizes all aspects from computing, network to service layer.

Media: easy operation and maintenance, uninterrupted business

Netease media has reduced the operation and maintenance cost by more than 50% with the help of Kafka, elasticsearch and zookeeper middleware for large-scale set design, such as fault self-healing, operation and maintenance automation, online capacity expansion and reduction, and engine upgrade. Moreover, the online migration service provided by elasticsearch greatly simplifies the complexity of business migration, ensures data consistency, and avoids service downtime and user loss.

Netease lightboat middleware to be officially released

On July 16, Netease lightboat middleware will be officially released at Netease digital + conference

As a cloud native middleware PAAS platform based on kubernetes, Qingzhou middleware will provide RDS mysql, rocketmq, rabbitmq, Kafka, redis, elasticsearch and other middleware, covering commonly used database, cache and message middleware of enterprises, and provide enterprise level middleware with high SLA guarantee, high performance and low cost for enterprise digital innovation.

Cloud native middleware leading practice, three case analysis of Qingzhou Middleware

After years of practice verification and product upgrade precipitation, Netease lightboat middleware is based on cloud native advanced technology, and its maturity is comprehensively improved. It supports active fault recovery, smooth upgrade, multi-dimensional high availability, and omni-directional monitoring alarm. It also supports native yaml mode out of the box and UI mode WYSIWYG, which greatly improves the usability. At the same time, it also supports tenant isolation, permissions, metering, and Audit and other enterprise characteristics.

Compared with traditional middleware, Qingzhou middleware also has outstanding performance in SLA guarantee, performance and cost

Cloud native middleware leading practice, three case analysis of Qingzhou Middleware

Download middleware practice secrets first

In addition to the Qingzhou middleware, Netease cloud will also be released at the same timeBest practices of light boat Middleware。 This practice originates from the research and development, application, operation and maintenance of Netease’s core technologies such as database, cache, message, etc., which has gathered the experience and experience of experts in many fields, and has experienced many large-scale and high-performance Internet practical tests.

This practice is based on actual combat and has more practical guiding significance. It helps middleware to play its core value and accelerate enterprise digital innovation. Download now to experience redis middleware best practices first, and subscribe to other middleware best practice manuals.

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