Cloud native enthusiast weekly: cilium enlarges the move and publishes the beta version of the service grid


Highlights of cloud primary week:

  • Cilium launches service grid test plan
  • Knative has applied to become the incubation program of CNCF
  • Kubernetes v1. 23 coming soon
  • Lens 5.3 release
  • Open source project recommendation
  • Article recommendation

Cloud native dynamics:

Cilium service grid beta release

Cilium uses the power of ebpf to accelerate the network and provide security and observability in kubernetes. Now cilium brings the advantages of ebpf to the world of service mesh. Cilium service grid uses ebpf to manage connections, realizing the necessary traffic management, security and observability of service grid.

In addition to the upcoming cilium version 1.11, the new cilium service mesh beta will also be launched soon. Its features are:

  • L7 traffic management and load balancing (HTTP, grpc, etc.)
  • Topology aware routing across clusters, clouds, and local
  • TLS termination
  • Configure Canary rollouts, Retry, rate limit, fuse, etc. through envoy
  • Tracking using opentelemetry and Jaeger integration
  • Built in kubernetes ingress support

Before the release of the official version, cilium launched the service grid beta program. To join the beta program, you can fill in this formform

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Knative has applied to become the incubation program of CNCF

Recently, with the support of the knative Steering Committee and the trademark Committee, Google announced its intention to donate the knative project to the cloud native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and submitted aPull request

In 2018, the knative project was founded and released by Google, and then developed in close cooperation with IBM, red hat, VMware and SAP. The project provides a serverless experience layer on kubernetes, providing the building blocks needed to build and deploy modern, container based serverless applications. In the past three years, knative has become the most widely installed serverless tier on kubernetes. Recently, the release of knative 1.0 reached an important milestone, and the incubation project of CNCF is the next important milestone of knative.

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Kubernetes v1. 23 coming soon

Kubernetes 1.23 is about to be released. This version brings 45 enhancements, of which 11 have been upgraded to stable version, up to 15 are continuously improved existing functions, and 19 are brand new.

The main changes in the new version are as follows:

  • The new version releases a new command as the alpha function: kubectl event
  • Upgrade HPA API to GA
  • Configurable deletion of statfulset PVC
  • Grpc add probe
  • In the new version, it will be possible to add temporary containers as part of the pod specification
  • The privilege container and host network mode of the windows instance will be upgraded to beta
  • Dual stack IPv4 / IPv6 networks can be universal
  • Upgrade pod security standard to beta
  • ···

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Lens 5.3 release

Recently, lens 5.3 was released. The highlight of this release is the new hosted development cluster feature, which makes it easy for all lens users to run their own kubernetes development cluster. Managed development clusters can be provided directly from lens desktop through lens spaces (cloud based service), which enhances the functions of independent lens desktop applications.

In addition, lens 5.3 also provides a number of other improvements, such as enhancing the user experience for lens spaces users through new spaces switcher, port forwarding 2.0, etc.

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Open source project recommendation

Linux kernel module programming guide

It mainly includes the introduction of Linux kernel module, module interaction, system call, blocking process and thread, scheduling task, interrupt handler, etc. it is applicable to the latest 5 X kernel version.


GH PRS is a GitHub cli toolghIs used to display PR information through UI in the command line interface.


Ferretdb is an open source alternative to mongodb. It is essentially an agent to convert mongodb’s line protocol to SQL, and uses PostgreSQL as the database engine.


Nextsh is an SSH connection and management tool that supports windows and MacOS platforms. Some auxiliary functions are added on the basis of the terminal, which can be used to replace the xshell.

Article recommendation

From 0 to 1, build a new generation of open source function computing platform

This paper introduces the concept, reference architecture and development trend of function computing, the latest progress in the field of cloud native serverless, and then expounds how to use cloud native technology to build a new generation of open source function computing platform openfunction from 0 to 1.

API version of kubernetes resource

This article attempts to explain how API versions are used in kubernetes and under what circumstances errors can occur. Finally, some examples and background are introduced for readers to study in depth.

This article is composed of blog one article multi posting platformOpenWriterelease!

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