“Closed” limited time benefit of RMB 10 in package mail, python course, Bluetooth headset, keyboard gift and so on


Half of 2020 is over
As the most “difficult” year in the last 10 years,
Have you experienced any changes in salary cuts or layoffs?
Half a year’s hard work
You as a professional
Did boss give you benefits?
Did the object prepare a gift for you?
Has the skill been improved?
To make fun of
As the saying goes, the working people are the most glorious
This may, think no programming to give you benefits!

Python automation office online course
Wireless Bluetooth headset, mechanical keyboard
$0 package

Welfare received soft hand
Help you master career promotion skills
Find room for improvement
Help more people become technology bulls

Activity rules
Step 1: get posters
After scanning the above poster, the two-dimensional code enters the official account, and the reply keyword “0” gets its own exclusive poster.
Step 2: invite friends
Share the generated posters with friends circle or wechat group, invite friends to help, and you can post the corresponding prize for 0 yuan.
Step 3: collect the prize
After the invitation is completed, fill in the receiving address, scan the code to add the teacher’s wechat screenshot certification, and provide the screenshot to receive by parcel post.

matters needing attention:

Activity time: limited to 100 prizes, first come, first served and last served~

If you have any questions, please contact: [sifou20201]
Welfare I

Python automation office online course
value199 yuan
Limited to 100, first come, first served

  • 01. Course code
  • 02. Python foundation, from zero to one
  • 03. Excel automatic processing, no overtime from now on
  • 04. Word automatic processing, fast and easy to document
  • 05. Ppt automatic processing, fast sequencing by program
  • 06. Automated mail processing, which is the key to quick reply
  • 07. Automatic processing of web, relying on it for quick recovery
  • 07. Automatic processing of web, quick completion of the website without asking for people

Welfare II
Would you like to customize Bluetooth headset
value298 yuan
Limited to 100, first come, first served

Welfare three
Backlit mechanical hand keyboard
value398 yuan
Limited to 100, first come, first served

**Free prizes

What are you still hesitating about?

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