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Recently, a friend asked me if there are any chrome plug-ins that can improve efficiency. I took a look at my plug-in library, and it’s really easy to use. Since you want to recommend it to one person, it’s better to sort it out and share it with all those who need it. After all, the ultimate altruism is self-interest.

Not to mention, the following one by one recommendation, and attached effect screenshot( Notice that you have to watch it. There are some big killers in the picture that many people dream of

One click distribution of technical articles: openwrite assistant

Security certification briefs, blog Park, Zhihu, open source China, Nuggets, segmentfault and other platforms, one click mass publishing articles.

The free version only has a limited number of distribution times, but for the sake of efficiency, the cost is well worth it.

Official account typesetting assistant: one partner

Simple and effective official account efficiency tool. Similar tools include Xiumi and 135 editor, which can be used on demand.

As long as the official account number is configured, all articles can be typed in one key, thus saving a lot of time.

Get rid of annoying YouTube ads: Adblock for YouTube

As a heavy user of youtube, all the daily video needs will be on YouTube. Although YouTube adheres to Google’s no evil principle, it can manually skip large sections of ads and watch them for five seconds. But these five seconds also have a huge impact on the viewing experience. And this plug-in can perfectly solve this pain point.

In the red box below, you can see an inconspicuous little word: “cleaned by Adblock for youtube ™ “。 Congratulations on entering a world without advertising.

By the way, my favorite YouTube channelLao Gao and Xiao Mo

Clear cache: clear cache

One click clear cache and browser data, no longer need to pressinspect -> Application -> Cache -> deleteSuch a road has come down.

For the front-end students who often need to clear the browser cache, this is simply the spring of debugging.

Chrome tab enhancement: earth view from Google Earth

The default Chrome browser tab is too common. I’m tired of reading too much. If you come to a background image of Google Earth’s sky view at this time, you will be very happy. For example, I accidentally saw this image today, the river impact area of West Lyons river. After watching it, I immediately had the idea of going to Australia.

Front end development assistant: fehelper

A large collection of various tools used in front-end development, very practical. For example, common JSON beautification, encoding and decoding, time related and so on. Most of the back end is also available.

Chrome plug-in sharing tool: get CRX

It is very difficult to find the storage location of the plug-ins installed in the chrome plug-in store. For example, there is no button to save as a CRX file on the page installed above. At this time, if you have a friend who can’t visitchrome web store, but there are plug-ins you need to use. At this time, we can only find a way to save it as an offline CRX file.Get CRXThis tool can solve your problem. Right click on the installed plug-in page and you can download the CRX file you need. It’s very easy to use.

Automatic beautification of web page JSON formatter

The JSON data returned by some web pages or interfaces are flat strings without beautification. It’s not very convenient for the eyes to see. For example, the gist file below.

After the plug-in is installed, the original JSON string will be automatically pretty converted to a beautified one, as shown in the following figure

Web version of Ethereum Wallet: metamask

Ethereum transfer, or some token transfer based on Ethereum, can be made through metamask without going to Ethereum exchange. In addition, the interface of metamask is very simple, and the user experience is very good.

But no matter what tools you use, please remember to keep your account phrase phrase phrase phrase. Otherwise, like me, Ethereum, which has been saved for a long time, can’t be found. Otherwise, according to the current price of virtual currency, it may have made a fortune

Multi engine image search artifact: noobox (two boxes)

I don’t know much about the function of searching pictures with pictures. From the ancient days of fast broadcasting to the old drivers of this era, I certainly know it. This plug-in supports a variety of engines, including Baidu and Google, yandex from Russia and Bing from Microsoft. It’s incredibly powerful. But remember to choose the right keywordsfor teenIt’s not suitable for children to watch less.

One click image reader (OCR)

Employees who often read PDF pages often have a puzzle that many PDF pages are not file versions, but scanned versions. So there’s no way to copy the text you need. This tool is to solve this problem. Intercepting the area you need to convert to text, you can automatically convert to text version, and support one click Copy.

In addition to web PDF, it also supports pictures and videos.

Screen shot capture & Editor tool

Find a short point of the screenshot to show the effect, anyway, used to say good. No more.

Enhance GitHub browsing experience: sourcegraph

There must be an experience when I often visit GitHub, that is, I just watch most projects, and I don’t want to clone them locally. However, the browsing experience of GitHub is not very good, so I need plug-ins to assist. Sourcegraph is one of them.


A thousand drivers have a thousand oil monkeys in their eyes. The existence of oil gives your browser unlimited possibilities. But you need to find some scripts that are easy to use, or do it yourself.

The artifact of keyboard replacing mouse: vimium

If my mouse is broken, I still want to use the browser, what should I do? In the spirit of vim, vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control.

Enter VIM mode and press f to add a keyboard shortcut to each button. So you can use the keyboard to jump.

In addition, there are many navigation related shortcut keys available. Remember a few commonly used, efficiency will be greatly improved.

Unfortunately, my trip to Chengdu on New Year’s day will probably be cool.


Some of them are also good, but they are not listed in the above list because I use them less frequently.

such asExstension ManagerEvernote Web ClipperSquare piece collectionAnd so on plug-ins, are able to improve efficiency.

In short, being good at using browser plug-ins will greatly improve efficiency and happiness. I hope everyone can enjoy the pleasure of these plug-ins.

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