Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want


stayChromeIn the last update (2021-08-03), there is a change:

Remove the alert, confirm, prompt calls in the cross domain iframe

ChromeThe explanation for this is that the pop-up window of the third-party page embedded in the web page may make users mistakenly think that this is the pop-up window of the current page, resulting in privacy risk.

If you look at this change from the developer’s point of view, it is obviously a problembreaking change

Countless websites around the world usealert APIPop up windows, a considerable part of which will be used asiframeEmbedded in other websites.

This change makes the prompt function of this large number of websites inChromeThe browser is completely disabled.

What kind of courage makesChromeDare to make such a decision?

67.14% market shareChromeWith a scornful smile, he said:

Monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

Let’s talk about this articleGoogleHow to use products and technology to maintain its monopoly position and earn excess returns.

Secrets behind user privacy

I don’t know what browser you’re using?

If you try a few more browsers, you will find that different browsers are rightProtect user privacyThere are subtle differences in attitude.

Protect user privacyIt means reducing the tracking of user behavior by browsers, which touches the huge market of personalized advertising based on user behavior analysis.

SafariAs the earliest comprehensive implementationDisable third-party cookiesOn the one handAppleAlways pay attention to user privacy. On the other hand, it must be becauseAppleThe bulk of revenue does not come fromAdvertising based on personalized push

After all, dead friends don’t die poor.

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

andGoogleMore than 80% of income comes fromAdvertising based on personalized push。 So, inProtect user privacyOn the other hand, no friends and businessmen are active.

From here, we can see that in the eyes of developersAPI


Behind it is a huge revenue game.

GoogleObviously proficient in this way. So,Let technology and products serve the monopolyIt has become a concept that needs to be practiced for a long time.

Gas refining period

At that timeGoogleI haven’t finished cultivating, and all kinds of immortal methods are a little rusty. We call this period its monopoly gas refining period.

During this period,GoogleTake advantage of the market leadership of its own products and force it to be usedChromeTo open the app.

such asGoogle Hangouts(a cross platform instant messaging application)

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

And the famousGoogle Earth

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

Some people may argue that this is because these applications require some advanced technologyAPI, not implemented in other browsers.

But in 19 years, based onChromiumKernelEdgeThe browser cannot use the latestYouTuBe

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

“You and IChromeUsing the same kernel, you say I’m toolowUnable to load the latestYouTuBe? Big brother, is it too obvious? “

Awkwardly, putEdgeofUAChange toChromeYou can use it. You can taste it. You can taste it.

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

This periodGoogleThe monopoly technology is still a little immature and easy to be seen through.

Foundation period

By this time,GoogleStart to exert the power of technology to achieve:

I’m the one who did it. I have to ask my friends and businessmen to carry it

Since 18 years ago, users have found that:FireFoxopenYouTuBeVery slow.

How to solve it? ChangedChromeJust fine.

The user thought: there is no harm without comparison,FireFoxThe performance optimization of the team is really goodlowChromePink!

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

What is the actual reason? originalYouTuBeUsedPolymerThe underlying dependencies of the framework have been abandonedShadow DOM v0 API, thisAPIonlyChromeYes.

To makeFireFoxNormal useYouTuBe, only corresponding plug-ins can be added:

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

YouTuBeThe standard reverse operation of this wave isChromeWhat are the performance advantages? About five times faster than friends.

At this point,GoogleThe road of monopoly is entering the house.

Jiedan period

Force the user to make a choice toolow, let users feel imperceptiblyChromeIs the king of performance and experience in the browser.

Therefore, with the experience of foundation construction period,GoogleSummarize a set of methodology:

At the product level, it is easy for people to grasp the handle, and they have to work hard on technology

Relying on the market leadership of their products, we often see similar questions in recent years:

User:“EdgeUpper useGoogle Conferencehavebug

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want

This problem is at MicrosoftEdgeThe Q & a community mentioned that users obviously think that this is necessaryEdgeFix the problem.

Not to mention old rivalsFireFoxFireFoxTeam members found that,GoogleIn the whole family bucket products, there are always some products that only appear inFireFoxRecurringbug

When toGoogleAfter feedback, the other party will reply: “thank you for your feedback. We will release it after repair.”

When such problems occur repeatedly, users will question the stability of the browser. After all, I use itFireFoxopenGoogle Conferenceappearbug, but withChromeOpen it and it’s gonebug, isn’t this youFireFoxWhat’s your problem?

Chrome: monopoly, you can really do whatever you want


Most of the front-end developers are happy to seeChromerule all the land. After all, no one can forget beingIEFear of domination.

But don’t forget,IEThe original departure from the standardAPIAnd form your ownAPIThe original intention of the specification is also to monopolize the browser market.

Hold high standards and open source(chromium)Dragon slaying WarriorChrome, has it quietly become a dragon?