Chrome debugging skills you don’t know is open source



When I first did this series, I wanted to find an open source and convenient platform.

At that time, I chose nuggets, because I didn’t want to charge, so the price was0.01Yuan. (I don’t personally benefit from it.).

But the purchase itself is a threshold, and there is no way to receive the first time feedback from readers (Nuggets have pulled a small volume group, but I am not in it).

So I chose this seriesStrengthen and open sourceCome out. I hope you can give us more support,GithubWarehouse search onFrontendwingman」。

It’s not just open source

Compared with the version of the Nuggets brochure, these contents have been upgraded:

  • Permanent free reading
  • 60% more content than the previous version [original18Section, now32Section]
  • Redo the example to make sure it works.
  • Add a lot of moving pictures, redo150Pictures:

Chrome debugging skills you don't know is open source

  • Content revision, language reorganization, concise and straightforward.
  • Continuous update with chromeSynchronous update

This series will stay in theFrontendWingmanThis platform is updated.

What is Fe wingman?

Almost half a year ago, I didn’t update it. Before, I was asked if I had given up the official account.

Actually, I didn’t. It took me four months to build itFrontend WingmanThis platform:

Chrome debugging skills you don't know is open source


According to the U. S. air force, the meaning of wingman is as follows:

“A wingman (or wingmate) is a pilot who supports another in a potentially dangerous flying environment.”

Wingman is a pilot who supports another person in a potentially dangerous flight environment.

Frontend WingmanIt’s a word I made myself (if I have to translate it, it should be called front-end wingman).

What is Fe wingman doing?

Is there too much understanding and learning in the process of learning and improving? Want to see too scattered? I don’t know what needs to be understood in depth, and what can be mentioned once?

comeFrontend WingmanLook, you can actually learn faster!

Chrome debugging tips are just one of a series, and I’ll update more hereA series of articles, help you quickly master the latest technology!

The official account will be maintained.Synchronous updateAt the same time, as a channel for feedback.

GitHub warehouse “front and wingman” has the same name. Please mention PR / issues and like it~

Serial plan

Next, we will start with the serial number of Chrome debug Series in official account. For better reading results, it will be issued at the right space (which may not be consistent with the online version).

Chrome debugging skills you don't know is open source