Choose react or angular 2


Original addressChoosing between React vs. Angular 2The following is the translation of this article, which can be used at your choiceReactperhapsAngular2We need to help when we need to.

React has become a cool representative in 2015, but angular.js has changed from a front-end framework that people love to a terrible devil (and not so terrible…) because of its two-way data binding. Obviously, the good and bad of both of them have been over expanded; And angular.js continues to play its role, as it did in 2014, and has solved a lot of problems.

But it is worth noting that the second big update iteration of angular produces angular 2, which is completely separated from angular 1; So there are some potential problems, but the angular 2 team is looking for them and solving them. In 2016, for most web programmers, the biggest problem is notWhich CMS or framework to chooseInstead ofWhat kind of front end technology do you use

The short answer is to use both. Just like any technology has its strengths and weaknesses, react and angular have their own strengths and weaknesses;But learning basic things likeJavaScriptespeciallyES6ES7Instead of focusing too much on react or angular, it will serve your future betterThis is the truth.

React is a great technology, and it’s ideal to introduce it into old projects as a library. The disadvantage is that react provides a rich tool support environment for many other technologies, which is the problem. For beginners, it’s incoherent and unspecific (because you don’t know how to do it…).

On the other hand, angular 2 is committed to becoming a framework to provide a complete solution; This makes it not only a product, but also easier to apply and learn. So the angular 2 team has made a lot of decisions for developers, which is very unified compared with building everything with react.

So when you want to maintain an old project and modernize it, you’d better use react. JS. For developing a new product, it’s OK to use react or angular 2,However, if it’s a long-term project, and it’s accompanied by developers, angular 2 may be a better choice.Because angular 2 is based onWeb Components specification(web construction specification).

I hope that this article can help you better choose to use react or angular 2; Of course, if you are energetic, you may as well learn to use them. I believe the harvest is not small.