Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!


Since Han de announced the open source, Choerodon pig toothed fish has been used by thousands of organizations to help enterprises complete software life cycle management, so as to deliver more stable software faster and more frequently. After more than 1100 days of hard work, on June 30, 2021, Choerodon pig toothed fish was welcomed1.0 advanceThe official release marks the maturity and stability of Choerodon pig toothed fish. You are welcome to upgrade your experience.

  • Release version: 1.0
  • Release time: June 30, 2021
  • Update scope: Global
  • Version range: open source version, commercial version

The main contents of this paper include:

  • Major adjustments to version 1.0
  • Choerodon 1.0 open source update notes
  • Choerodon1.0 commercial update notes

Major adjustments to version 1.0

Using the open source component library Choerodon UI 1.4.0 new theme – Wind Chime purple

Choerodon UIOpen source component library(abbreviated as c7n UI), it has high quality out of the box   React   Component, full link development and design tool system to help enterprise level middle and background products improve development efficiency. Since V 0.1.0, it has supported the front-end components of Choerodon pig toothed fish, and released the stable development official version v 1.0 on February 4, 2021, supporting smooth upgrade. At present, in addition to Choerodon pig toothed fish, it also supports the front-end components of hzero, Feida and other products.

C7n UI information is as follows:

Official website:

Choerodon pig toothed fish version 1.0 fully uses the new theme wind chime purple of the latest version 1.4.0 of c7n UI.

 ![image]([email protected])

The official website of Choerodon was migrated to the open platform of hende yanniu

Hante yanniu open platformWe are committed to reducing the delivery cost and access threshold of technology in Taiwan, and providing a more efficient and convenient one-stop service platform for internal and external users.

The homepage of Choerodon introduces product advantages, product functions, solutions, customer cases and other information, and compares the functional differences of different versions of Choerodon pig toothed fish, including open source version, commercial version and SaaS.

Choerodon home page:

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

Hende yanniu open platform – Document CenterIt integrates the relevant documents of hande’s independently developed products and is committed to building hande’s “Encyclopedia” to meet users’ reading and query more intensively, conveniently and uniformly.

Choerodon document migrates the documents of open source version, commercial version and SaaS version to the document center to provide diversified service support.

Choerodon documentation:

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

Update instructions for Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 open source version

Agile collaboration

New features

  • Add input prompt;
  • Subtask supports problem type conversion;

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

  • Increase the daily workload chart per person;
  • Increase personal workload statistics;
  • All questions support custom list field display, order and column width;
  • Optional fields can be copied when adding a copy problem;
  • When adding a quick create question, you can select the handler;

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

  • One click folding is added to the project report;
  • Add problem details to support rapid creation of defects;
  • Module list addition order;
  • Problem details are added to show the test progress;
  • Add problem details and copy problem links;
  • Compatible with Safari browser;
  • Add a switching problem type, and enter a required field;

    Function optimization

  • Support switching Kanban when configuring Kanban;
  • Optimization problem details and related problems;
  • Optimize the problem of slow moving card;
  • Optimize the default reverse order display of comment questions;
  • Prompt optimization for quickly creating required items;
  • Automatically open details after optimizing quick creation of subtasks;
  • More button sequences for optimization problem details;
  • Send message of optimization problem comment;
  • Optimize the state machine page;
  • Optimize time display format;
  • Slow loading when there are too many optimization custom problem type value sets;
  • Details of optimization problems shall be displayed in the form of attachment;

    Defect repair

  • Fix the problem that UI / UX files cannot be previewed after uploading;
  • Fix the problem of long side of time period of moving left and right of Gantt chart;
  • Fix the problem of occasional disorder in user-defined sorting of status;

    knowledge management

Function optimization

  • To optimize the creation of documents, you can choose to create them to the root directory;

    Defect repair

  • When repairing the multi-level creation of knowledge base documents, the directory cannot scroll left and right;
  • Repair the knowledge base full screen switch / exit and lose the edited content;

    Code development

New features

  • In code management – branch management, a new branch merger triggers the change of associated problem status;
  • Code management – branch management, which supports developers to associate agile issues with other projects under the same organization;
  • Add a branch on the code management – branch management page to support the function of adding multiple agile problems;
  • Code base management – permission approval module, adding batch approval function;
  • In the docker construction step of CI process, the function of image security scanning card point is added to support adding access control restrictions for image scanning;

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

Environment deployment

Defect repair

  • Fixed the problem of occasionally losing batch deployment records in the deployment record page;
  • Fixed the problem that the task in CD phase accurately matches / eliminates the display error of the selected trigger branch;
  • Fixed the problem that the error information of host deployment and task failure information were not displayed;

    Test management

New features

  • New test execution status change triggers problem status change;
  • Test execution supports locating the folder to which it belongs;
  • Batch allocation plan executor by folder for test execution;
  • Plan to add associated version and sprint;

Function optimization

  • Optimize test plan progress display;
  • User defined numbers can be entered when creating use cases;
  • Optimize user-defined numbering rules for use cases;

Basic functions

Menu interface adjustment

  • Summarize the items at the top for easy viewing;

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

  • The collaboration is divided into collaboration and document, and the page menu level is adjusted;

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

  • Adjust the level of the menu in the setting;

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

New features

  • The newly added information module in the station supports display in the form of pop-up box on the left;

    Function optimization

  • In user-defined roles, refine the function permissions under the deployment resource menu;

    Defect repair

  • Fixed the problem that project members reported errors in paging query deployment configuration;
  • Fixed the OAuth reset password length verification exception;
  • Fixed the problem of occasional deactivation when synchronizing LDAP scheduled tasks;

    Install or upgrade

Installation documentation:

Upgrade document:

Choerodon toothfish 1.0 commercial update instructions

In addition to upgrading the function modules of the open source version, the commercial version also adds, modifies and optimizes the following modules to varying degrees.

Agile collaboration – release

  • Add the release version function to manage the actual release content of the version;

    Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

demand management

It runs through the whole life cycle of the product, including the demand collection, demand review, analysis, disassembly and development progress follow-up of internal and external users of the project.

New features

  • Add and create requirements in requirements review;
  • Demand approval supports exporting requirements;
  • Export requirements and add description fields;
  • The demand pool supports user-defined list field display, order and column width;
  • The demand pool supports importing requirements;

Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

Defect repair

  • Fix the problem that project members cannot meet the star standard requirements;

    Scale agility

Based on the enterprise level large-scale agile framework safe, it manages multi project parallel development, multi team business requirements sorting and product development roadmap, so as to help the team improve collaboration and reduce the complexity of team management.

New features

  • Version association and addition are linked with Devops;
  • The roadmap supports custom list field display, order and column width;

    Function optimization

  • To optimize the PI target association feature, you can select whether to hide the associated feature;

    Defect repair

  • Fix the problem that 1 year cannot be selected for the iteration calendar time range;
  • Fix the problem that the art setting jumps to the sub item and reports an error;

    automated testing

It includes interface test, performance test, flow regression test and UI test, runs through the whole process of project management and agile development of Devops, provides agile continuous test tools, improves team test efficiency and ensures quality.

New features

  • Performance test – perform performance test, and add execution remarks for each execution;
  • Performance test – execute performance test. The new support sets the duration for each performance test execution;
  • Performance test – perform performance test, and add support to cycle the selected test task forever;
  • The performance test module supports manually stopping the performance test in progress;

    Function optimization

  • After the API test task starts the timing setting, add the [timing] label; Filtering is also added to the tree structure;

    Defect repair

  • Fixed the problem that the pop-up box was not stowed after clicking save and execute to jump to the record interface when creating / modifying API test cases in case library;

    Quality Assurance

The report visually displays the application code quality data under the project in a graphical way, which is convenient to visually display the overall code quality of the current project and the code quality of each application for team management reference.

New features

  • Single table preview script;
  • Unsigned, time, blob and longblob types are added to the table design field;
  • Add database type, field type case and team mailbox configuration to the table design;
  • Table module can be changed, module code can be modified, and module table can be migrated to other modules;
  • Opening data import and addition options, including new, update, delete and reset options;
  • Add automatic submission and upgrade table design functions;
  • Add PostgreSQL database support;
  • Clone table structure;
  • Table design, the order of table structure fields can be modified and fields can be inserted;
  • Batch submission form;

    Function optimization

  • Table structure page, width adjustment and optimization of remarks field;
  • Generate DDD model code and replace with outdated annotation;
  • Publish operation is changed to submit;
  • Field defaults add empty_ String (empty string) support;
  • Different modules can support tables with the same name;
  • The index column can be displayed in the index list;
  • Association relation distinguishes version;
  • Elastic field creation can be customized;

    Application market

Choerodon application market is the management center of application service components and common middleware in the platform. It supports the direct deployment of all projects under the platform.

New features

  • In the application market, MySQL configuration and information are preset by default;
  • In the basic component deployment, the deployer can deploy MySQL host and container;

    Community participation

Thank the following friends for their feedback and comments in the community forum and their contribution to the 1.0 version update. Thank you for your support all the time.

For more details, please refer to the release notes and the user manual on the official website.

Welcome all friends to give feedback and contributions through the GitHub of Choerodon and the pig toothed fish community to help Choerodon pig toothed fish grow continuously. Choerodon will continue to optimize, please look forward to it.


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Choerodon pig toothed fish 1.0 advance version has been released!

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